Sunday, August 17, 2008

Wine on the Sabbath....

I have no pictures to post because I can't find my camera. I have the cutest pictures of some fun stuff we did last week, but I can't find my camera because it is buried beneath the rubble that is my home right now. As I posted before, our house flooded 4 inches of water. It only stayed for 2 hours before the sump pump came back on and sucked it all away, but the damage it did was crazy. We have ripped up carpet and padding, ripped out our baseboards, painted them with Kills, sawed off the bottom 4 inches of our wall, and we're in the putting-stuff-back-on stage right now. I'm taking a 5 minute break with a glass of wine (What time is it? Who knows...I'm on construction-worker time right now) before I go pick up my daughter from her friend's house. I'm covered in oil-based paint that will not come off, and my husband is starting to put the baseboards back on as I type. My son is walking around in Incredible Hulk underpants yelling "IIIIIIIIIIII want to paint toooooooooo!" Tomorrow I get to paint the baseboards with actual paint, retouch some walls, and drop a couple thousand dollars on new carpet.

But can I be a little proud of myself that I used a circular saw and sawed off my walls by myself? I almost lost a finger a couple times, and I can't wait for my chiropractor appointment on Tuesday, but it made me feel a little tough.

By Tuesday I hope to be back at regular life. Date night has been canceled for this week, so my husband and I are just like passing ships in the night.

"Did you paint that baseboard?"


"Ok, I'm gonna clean this paint up and then go make the kids grilled you know where Sammy is?"


(Daughter's voice rings out) "SAAAAAAAAAAAmmmmy is going to HIIIIIIIIT me!"

"I'm on it"


That's about the extent of our relationship right now. Hence the wine....

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Anonymous said...

I'm loving your blog. Keep it up!