Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Serious reality check Wednesday!

Remember that living room I was complaining about because it was messy on Monday? Well, the messy living room I was complaining about on Monday, I am nostalgic for now. A giant storm blew through here Monday night dropping TONS of rain and knocking out the electricity (and the sump pump...don't those things come with back up batteries or something?...well, I thought so at least). Matt and I slept through most of it, but then I heard it: splash, splash, splash...."Mom?" Claire and Sam's rooms are in the downstairs of our duplex-down, which means that they essentially have rooms in the basement. Claire had woken up and was scared because her closet light was not on anymore, so she came to get me...except that our basement had flooded 4-5 inches so she was walking in the pitch black through a lake to find the stairs! Bless her baby heart!

Well, two days later after trying forever to soak the water out of the carpet with a shop-vac, we still had squishy wet carpet. So the executive decision was made: it had to go.

Here is that living room with the carpet gone and the cement floor bare. Matt and I spent all morning hauling it out the back door.

Here's another hallway with Sam's toys sitting around...the ones that could be rescued from the water that is.

"Goodbye thousands of dollars worth of carpeting!"

That will teach me to stop complaining! Man, what I'd give to have my regular living room back ...messy or not. And now the question remains: more carpet? Laminate? Leave the concrete and let the kids ride bikes in the house?

Hmmmm...all I know is that I spent until 4am on Tuesday morning rescuing things from the basemet and trudging around in a lake of water, (did I mention that my daughter was having explosive diarhea the same night?). Then, I had to shower off and run to teach VBS on Tuesday. And THEN, I spent today with my husband ripping up carpeting, padding, and hauling it outside. I'm BEAT!


Anonymous said...

Oh my poor things! I'm so sorry this happened to you! Hang in there!
Tammy in Germany

Urban Mom said...

Oh my gosh! "I feel your pain." What an enormous pain in the... well, y'know. We had a similar experience with last year's psychotic storm, but still not as bad as this. I hope that it's all put back together soon -- and that the insurance company comes through for you!

Hang in there..............

Rhonda said...

Wow...Glad your family is ok. Sorry about the water damage. Hope it all gets fixed up soon. My kids would sure love to ride bikes inside. What an idea! hehe.