Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas 2010

Our tradition is that we go to church on Christmas eve and then the kids get to open one present.

And now we have an added tradition of having a fire.

Wella was in her finest duds for the Christmas Eve service.

And when the kids were opening their gifts we never let her play with plastic bags. Never. Cuz that wouldn't be safe.

Claire got a playmobil animal clinic and Sam got a Leggo fire boat. This was the Year of the Leggo at our house.

Leggos take lots of assembling.
The tree Christmas Eve.

Tracking Santa online.

The view out our door. It was really bright outside with the snow and the street lights.

Claire's picture for Santa. I love that she made a white part for the moon. If you look close you can see Santa's legs sticking out of the chimney on the right.

Their notes and lists and cookies for Santa.

Sammy got up around 5:30am to open stockings. He got Claire up. This sweet glasses/straw was one of their stocking stuffers.

The kiddos helping Wella open her stocking. She mainly got babyfood although she's not really eatting anything yet.

Her first gift of the morning was a baby.

Claire made Sam a sweet sword. That was her gift to him. It went over well.

He made her a board. She was a little confused until she found out that it was to replace the broken board on the  bottom of her doll's bed.

This is the bed he fixed. And it was perfect timing because her American girl, Josephina got new duds.

Sammy with his head light, cantene/belt, and huge sword.

Wella and daddy.

Wella getting her Fisher Price chatter phone.

She liked it.

Sammy's first gun. He got a little pistol.

And a huge "Pa" rifle. WHAT? Do you think I get him too many weapons?! I don't know what you're talking about.

Claire got a Just-like-you American girl. It was definitely just like her.

And Grammy and Grandad got them HUGE Leggo sets. Claire got the medieval village.

 And Sam got the castle. Well, we said both were for both but it kinda worked out that way.
Wella ate a Zwieback while we opened.

Claire with her loot.

Sam with his.

One of the only pictures of me with my kids. Thanks for the sweet face Sam.

Then we went to Matt's parents house to see his parents and his grandparents. This is Grandma Evie. Excuse my double chin.

These are the grandpas (as in the GREAT grandpas to my kids).  Grandpa Harris and Grandpa Norton.

Grandpa Harris is alwasy very dapper...even at 90 or whatever he is. He and Grandma Evie have been married a bout 65 years.

Getting ready for dinner.

Sammy and Matt's dad, his grandpa. Evidently they both had food in their teeth when I took this.

Matt's little sister, Rebecca and baby brother, David. David was the ring bearer in my wedding 9 years ago. He was 5.

This is Sam and Aunt Sarah, Matt's older little sister.

Sam and Grandpa Norton.

Rebecca and her friend, Nate.

One of Luella's gifts. A very sweet book.

One of Claire's books from Grandma.

Grandma also gave us a big box of wooden birdhouses to paint with the West Side Ladies! Yay!

Back home, today, it was all about the Leggos.

The village and the castle took about 95 hours to complete. While Matt was doing that I took down all the Christmas decorations. Matt was sad. His family leaves stuff up 'til almost Valentines day. I just felt like it was all dusty and over with. I have my house back and it's pretty clean. I also putsed around finding nice little places for all the kids' new gifts. It made me feel much better after all the hoopla.

Matt is tired from his Leggo job. Merry Christmas a little late! We leave for Wichita this Wednesday. Can't wait to see my parents and baby sister. :)

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The many faces of Luella Faye (all of them chubby)

This post is for my mom who says that there are never enough Luella pictures in my posts. :) Warning: an obscene amount of cuteness below.