Wednesday, August 14, 2013

I'm back...sorta

I want a restart. I want a redo on last year. It was fine. It was survival mode. I birthed our 4th child, Richard Norton Harris, but Matt missed it because he was home puking. That kicked off our home-schooling year since Richie was born on September 12 (luckily missing the weird 9/11 birthday). I think we have like 2 pictures of Richie's entrance into the world but they are on Sarah's I-phone or something. We'll never download them. We just won't.

We did fine this last year. We scraped through. We did a lot of worksheets (blech) and tried to throw in a few interesting things when we could. Luckily, a nice boy moved in down the street for Sam to play with so he had a friend and we didn't kill him for driving us nuts. Honestly, not much more happened.

Luella watched a lot of Dora the Explorer and Caillou while we did our worksheets so luckily she will be attending our fave school, City Garden, next year so that we can get some stuff done here and she can have some semblance of a baby life.

Also, Matt's sister Sarah (who ended up driving me to the hospital and witnessing the birth of Richie) moved into the neighborhood so she will be helping me with babies this school year on the days that Luella doesn't go to CG.

I still feel like we should be homeschooling (although I had my doubts last year when I was shouting "Just put on another Dora for her and get back here to finish your math!!!) so we're gonna give it another year. I'm trying to gear up for a better quality of education. No more Abeka workbooks. No more Dora. It's either gotta be better or we're gonna do something else. What else? I don't know. Move to a farm or something?

I'm in a weird place. Richie is almost one and I'm having that "get me outta here" feeling a lot. Like I want my body back and I want to go on a date that isn't cut short by a phone call announcing that a baby is sad/hungry. I want a time to work out, (probably not going to happen) and a regular time to shower (here's hoping!).  I want to use my brain and I need some sort of creative outlet that isn't about homeschooling.

I'm not going to freak out because I know this season passes. It did 3 other times. I went on dates and blogged and had people over for dinner and met couples out for dinner (I think...) and felt like a person. When we went skiing on vacation I actually made it onto the mountain rather than nursed a baby back in the hotel.

This too shall pass and then I'll miss it. Then I'll get pregnant again because I miss it. But not this time. Not this time!!! :)

See you on the mountain.

Friday, October 26, 2012

A catch up post - Summer 2012

So...I'm a little behind. Summer flew by and now we have an additional person in our family! But this is our summer in one big long post. Enjoy.

Mario's Italian Lemonade
Matt's Dad retired after many years teaching and coaching at Glenbrook South High School
31st street beach got a new playground!

We did a little gardening...

...and grew our first corn! (yes, singular)

Playing in the backyard...what there is of it

Sam doing a little bmx-ing, and skateboarding, and scooter-ing


Went to Kansas for my dear friend Kate's wedding! She was a beautiful bride. Hung out with my family first (Mom, Dad, Chance and Katie) and got free haircuts from Katie, who is now in hair school at Eric Fisher!

at my parent's house


20 weeks pregnant! At the duck pond in Eastborough

 Luella turned 2! We celebrated by going to Glen Ellyn and meeting the Handy family at the train restaurant and going to the park! 

("tiny Sammy" as Luella calls him)

dot paints from Grammy and Grandad

tent from Aunt Sarah

tea set from Grandma
graduating into a big girl bed...sort of
A quick visit from our dear old friends, the Russell's, and their son, Toby! These boys were born 2 weeks apart and his mom, Robin, and I are dear old friends...
old picture of them

Got a table and attempted to create an IKEA-ish Lego table organization station thing under Sam's bed

Father's day

Aunt Laura, Uncle Ben, and cousins Ellie and Jane come for a visit!
Navy Pier night


 The "cousins quartet" as they called themselves. :)
Family Camp at Silver Birch in Wisconsin with the Handy family!


City Kids trying to stay cool the 'hood the beach

me being pregnant
Snack time on the counter

Soccer Camp at Chicago Hope Academy's soccer field

Sam with Coach "Dynamite"

Kitchen Renovation
the before

the crazy pregnant lady who decided to take the wall down

the men who actually did the job!

the "after"....just what I wanted: no wall!

we also took a few walls down in the basement
Increasingly bigger belly...


...partly due to Dinkel's doughnuts and Margie's Candy's ice cream
Discovering paint

Space Camp at our house with Abby and Annabel


Lemonade Stands (many times)

Ice cream from the ice cream truck
Vacation Bible School at River City Church
Trip to the Lincoln Park Zoo

A visit from the Barbar family with a dinner at Ed Debevick's

Mastering "hanging"

Sam mastering reading 
Waiting for baby boy to be born
Peace out...