Sunday, April 24, 2011

He is risen! (But Sammy has not)

The day after our throwing up in the bookstore incident was today, Easter Sunday. I did my best to nurse Sam back to health, but there isn't much you can do to stop the pukes. So I decorated in hopes that he would be better by Easter morning.

I put out my lemon trees (stop laughing Laura. They're awesome).

And I Eastered-up my house plant.

And I got out our resurrection eggs from Grandma.

I even turned the Bible storybook to the right page.

Luella got an empty plastic egg and baby goldfish.

Claire got the regular stuff.

And so did Sam...along with some encouraging "get better" notes from big sister.

But, alas, Sammy did not arise. So we got left behind while Claire and Matt went to church for Easter service without us! Matt even had to teach  my Sunday school and take them the cinnamon rolls I made them (but didn't get to eat myself. Boohoo).

We did get to keep Wella with us though, which helped cheer our spirits. :)

But Sammy's hardest part was that we were supposed to go to grandma's for Easter lunch AND to celebrate all the April birthdays in the family. And he had to miss it. Boo. They celebrated Uncle David though, who is 15 now.

And they celebrated Grandma Evelyn who Claire is named after. I love Grandma Evie and Grandpa Harris.

And they love each other, which is fabulous after having been married for something like 65 years.

Grandma even made her red velvet cake, which Sam loves. BUT, they did send home a HUGE gift for Sam which we knew was coming and would fix everything once he saw it. You'll have to wait for the big reveal though. It requires a video for sure.

Happy Easter!

Sammy turns six

Sam turned 6 on April 22nd, which happens to be my dad's birthday as well.

Wella was very excited for him. She ate more sweet potatoes for the occasion.

Sam ate the watermelon that came in our fruit box from our co-op this week. He ate a LOT of it.

He also had his friend Josh from church over for an all-day playdate on Friday since they were both on spring break. I jigsawed them both some swords. Well, Sam wanted a dagger instead of a sword.

My mom and dad got him tons of knight books and a Robin Hood book. He hasn't stopped reading them yet! My friend Julia recommended the titles to us as she has 3 rowdy boys of her own.

Sam and his friend made plans to add a drawbridge to the backyard fort. And remarkably, they did! I didn't get a picture though.

We went to McDonalds to get ice cream...

...on the way home from the Berwyn train store where Sam and Josh both got to pick out bow and arrows (Sammy has a great wooden one but has been begging for a plastic one for years. Haha! So we got him the cheap $6 one he's been wanting).

Finally, we ended up at Subway for lunch. These boys can eat!

I need to really start disciplining this kid for ruining EVERY picture we take of him.

The NEXT day we took a family adventure and rode the metra train out to the suburb of Glen Ellyn.



Serious Welly.

It was a beautiful sunny day. This is where you get off the train in Glen Ellyn...and that little building in the background is a restaurant called 2 Toots!
It's a cute train-themed restaurant (I've posted about it before).

And it happens to be in darling downtown Glen Ellyn that has shops like THIS to walk into! Who buys this stuff!! Fun to look at though. Claire thought it was fabulous.
Here's the counter where you order your food.

The train that brings your lunch.

It also brings you a birthday cupcake if you happen to be a birthday boy. And it comes with a train whistle.

What does everyone else feed their 10  month olds when they go to restaurants??? The only thing I can figure out to give her is french fries. Terrible, I know.

We also took our time and walked past the fire station.

Claire on the pole. Oh my!

Sammy...who, by the way, brought his cap gun from Aunt Katie.
We also walked to Lake Ellyn park and checked out the beautiful homes in the area. Claire said this one looks like her friend's Callico Critter mansion! :)

They are really stunning homes. Matt and I used to walk around this area when we were in college and pick out the home we were going to buy someday. Until we realized they cost infinity dollars.

Sam tore up the park.

They are getting so big. Her feet touch the ground!

Wella slept, luckily, because she skipped both her naps.

****OH, wait, did you think there would be a few more pictures of the way home??? Well, unfortunately, as we walked into a cute little Glen Ellyn bookstore on the way back to our train, Sammy decided to start puking his guts out all over the carpted floor. It didn't make it better that the nice bookstore lady had just released 10 four-year-olds to run around the store looking for
Easter eggs. You wanted eggs with candly little girl? Surprise: puke. I felt terrible and we had to do what we could to clean up and then politely excuse ourselves to run our poor sick kid back to the train to get home.

Terrible. He's been puking and recovering since. Poor guy. It's hard turning 6. Happy Birthday Sammy. You aren't our baby anymore!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

a random tuesday

Today it rained. And Sammy is on Spring Break which means we have to have boys over to play or he gets mean. So we did and Sam and Damon water-proofed the backyard fort with a giant plastic tarp.

 That was good because it took them a while to do it, but man were they  muddy when they finally came in.
Soldiers/army guys.

Luella Faye eatting in her big-girl high chair which we got her at IKEA this weekend. It's the best high chair ever. It's all fabric or icky weird cracks and crevices that are impossible to clean out. You can clean the whole thing with one baby wipe!

She's very into sweet potatoes. VERY. Green beans, not so much.

My friend Bridget had a birthday this week and she left town for a while shortly afterwards so I got to take care of her birthday bouquet. Nice and cheery on this struggly rainy day.

Many stacks of new library books. The neighborhood librarian chuckled as I was checking out. I know she was thinking: this is going to add up to about $38 worth of fines before you finally get these suckers back.  It's true, too.

Wella's toy cabinet. Only funny because this used to be my grandmother's fancy bar in her fancy dining room. Now it holds pull-toys.

I got these macaroons at Whole foods (along with some other Passover-acceptable foods) with the hopes of throwing a little mini-seder for my family on Thursday. The macaroons are like crack. I can't stop eatting them. The bitter herbs I'm not chowing on, however.

Sam's room at the end of his playdate. One of many signs of a good time....

...along with abandoned bowls of maccaroni on the dresser...

....and a castle with a moat,...

...and an impromptu nap for Sam. Maybe rainy days aren't so bad afterall.

This video is nothing but Luella eatting for 30 seconds. I just thought my mom might want to see her for a minute (in action, haha) so don't watch this with any expectation. She just chews her food. ;)