Tuesday, April 5, 2011

A birthday party for Claire

Well, we scrubbed the the Wella-Wella. Note that she is in the BIG GIRL side of the sink now.

Because it was a big day.

A big enough day that Sammy needed a new hat (and a patch from Officer Eric which he wanted to sew to his favorite sweater).

My favorite part is how his ears crinkle down when he wears this hat.

It was the big sister's birthday party day!!! And she wanted a tea party. A doll tea part to be exact. In fact, it was to as-closely-as-possible replicate an American Doll Store tea party.

So we rounded up the usual suspects, poured some pink lemonade,....

...planted some silk flowers in ice cream with oreo cookies on top....

....and made some tea sandwiches (served with peppermint tea on the side).

It was a hit! Well....I might have added the ever-popular pigs-in-a-blanket to the plate as well. After all, there were a few brothers invited so hot dogs seemed imperative. But we kicked the brothers out of the house after they had their hot dogs with Mr Matt. He took everyone with testosterone pumping through their veins to the park.

And the girls ate in peace.

Doiles, place cards,  and all.

It was fah-bu-lous.

The birthday girl was wearing a red dress that we found in size 12 at the Salvation Army the day before. I took it in the best I could and she had a lovely ball gown for the occassion.

The cake complete with trick candles.

She loved it!

Making a wish.

The cake was pink, green, and yellow....per request.

Wella with Mrs Keyonda!

Pretty, huh?

Oh, and then we played a game where you have a bag with things in it and your team has to come up with a skit that includes those items. This is Lucy being a Christmas tree.

The girls had a good time I think. They really got into their skits!

Here is Mr Neal on the left narrating Claire's team's skit. Mr Neal is the best.

Ceclia was "Mary"...a beggar.

These girls have been coming to Claire's birthday since she was a wee one. We love these girls!

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On the Verge-Couples ed. said...

OMG you should be in a magazine!!! LOVE all that! Claire looks like she should be turning 12. AH!She is so gorgeous!!