Tuesday, April 19, 2011

a random tuesday

Today it rained. And Sammy is on Spring Break which means we have to have boys over to play or he gets mean. So we did and Sam and Damon water-proofed the backyard fort with a giant plastic tarp.

 That was good because it took them a while to do it, but man were they  muddy when they finally came in.
Soldiers/army guys.

Luella Faye eatting in her big-girl high chair which we got her at IKEA this weekend. It's the best high chair ever. It's all smooth...no fabric or icky weird cracks and crevices that are impossible to clean out. You can clean the whole thing with one baby wipe!

She's very into sweet potatoes. VERY. Green beans, not so much.

My friend Bridget had a birthday this week and she left town for a while shortly afterwards so I got to take care of her birthday bouquet. Nice and cheery on this struggly rainy day.

Many stacks of new library books. The neighborhood librarian chuckled as I was checking out. I know she was thinking: this is going to add up to about $38 worth of fines before you finally get these suckers back.  It's true, too.

Wella's toy cabinet. Only funny because this used to be my grandmother's fancy bar in her fancy dining room. Now it holds pull-toys.

I got these macaroons at Whole foods (along with some other Passover-acceptable foods) with the hopes of throwing a little mini-seder for my family on Thursday. The macaroons are like crack. I can't stop eatting them. The bitter herbs I'm not chowing on, however.

Sam's room at the end of his playdate. One of many signs of a good time....

...along with abandoned bowls of maccaroni on the dresser...

....and a castle with a moat,...

...and an impromptu nap for Sam. Maybe rainy days aren't so bad afterall.

This video is nothing but Luella eatting for 30 seconds. I just thought my mom might want to see her for a minute (in action, haha) so don't watch this with any expectation. She just chews her food. ;)


ohio12 said...

oh my goodness. the welly welly eating her food is so precious. she wikes it soooo much!

and lol the bitter herbs. we are reading a lot about passover around here too. we are going to a seder tomorrow. "why is tonight different from every other night?"

i have a container of dark chocolate covered sour cherries from TJ's right now and I bought them as a treat to eat one a night after dinner. not so much. try "grab one whenever you walk through the kitchen."

MA mom said...

Sammy the soldier guy takes a nap!
Sweet big sister!
Baby L.FAYE enjoying her delicious food: so adorable it's painful to watch! Note to self: don't buy yummy macaroons!

On the Verge-Couples ed. said...

Chance and I just watched Wella like twenty times bc we love her and misssss herrrr!!!! OMG more of these videos!!!

Oh and Chance thinks all the daeschner girls are the same when it comes to this snacking idea. We set these lofty goals and try to "treat" ourselves only one. sike....sixty treats later we are pissed, theres just no winning;)