Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Claire's 8th birthday

I'm really late with this post.

Like really late. Because Claire actually turned 8 on the 14th of March (before Matt's birthday which is on the 17th). But I posted Matt's first because Claire has two posts coming up in a row. Post number one is her actual birthday DAY and post number 2 will be her birthday PARTY day. So.....this is her actual day. She woke up to Aunt Laura's gift of paper doll-like things.

And to her little brother's present of a new shirt/dress.

And the really fun part was her present from Grammy and Grandad who had JUST left a few days earlier...

....her own CD player!!! I know, I know...we're super technologically advanced. But it was what she wanted. Actually, thanks to Grandad, who wanted to bring us up-to-date, this one actually has a plug-in for MP3 players. Woohoo!

Sammy rocked out to it hard-core. Beach Boys....all the way.

And then around noon we went to pick up Daddy Harris and went downtown to the American Girl Doll store.

Here she is in front of her favorite doll: Josephina. She has Jospehina and a "Just-like-you" doll.

She got money from Aunt Laura, Uncle Ben, Ellie and Jane to spend at the AG store and she went straight for what she wanted: Josephina's goat. :)

And then we went upstairs to the Just-like-you doll section for an outfit.

The doll she has is the one with no bangs just over her left shoulder. She picked out an outfit from mom and dad.

Then it was on to the Water Tower food court for lunch with the fam...including Wella-Wella of course. Claire picked out a stuffed baked potatoe for lunch.


And a smoothy for dessert. Sam got in on that part.

Yum. Isn't she so 8!

Daddy and Wella.

Driving home (dropping Daddy off at the office).

Checking out the dyed-green river (St Patrick's Day festivities). Happy Birthday Claire!!!! We love you and can't believe you are 8. I thought I was 8!

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ohio12 said...

LOL...Josphina's goat! How can that be a thing?

Claire looks so grown up and beautiful. I can't believe Welly can go to the food court like a big girl! I hope you got that table with a Clorox wipe, because I can only think about her touching all those germs..blech!