Sunday, April 22, 2012

Sam turned 7!

Today is Sam's actual birthday. Aprill 22nd. He was born on my dad's birthday. :) But we had his party yesterday. He didn't want a "theme" birthday this year. We've had a knight birthday and a pirate birthday and a baseball party in the past.

But he DID want to put his army guys on top of his cake, so we had an army-theme birthday cake. I made this much of it the night before (can you see my 19-week pregnant belly sneaking into the picture?)...

...and then I left the decorating of it to the boys the next day. As you can see, Sam has on full camo for his big day.

This is a close up of the battle scene. I never would have come up with it so I'm glad they did it. It would have had more "army" green on it but I forgot that I used up almost all of my green food coloring on Claire's cake so it had to be a bit of a desert scene.

It's so funny how different a boy party is from a girl's. Especially now that he's not-so-little and won't let me make it too cutesy. See these balloons? That's all we did decoration-wise!

Which was all that was necessary because we had 10 boys and 5 girls this year and since we had good weather we sent them all down to the park for games for almost the whole time. I think there was some kind of capture-the-flag, a little kickball, and of course, the traditional attacking-Matt-with-water-balloons!

Here's the crew once they all got back (with a very soaked Matt in the back ground). No pictures of the park time because I was home with Luella while she napped.

He blew out candles...

...cut the cake...

...and opened presents. Lego Ninjago was a favorite. (What the heck a "ninjago" is I have no idea)

Captain america.

Lego police van with canine unit from our friends, the VonKondrats, whose daddy is a policeman here in Chicago. Too funny!

Last week he got a new skateboard and helmet from his Glenview grandparents. Later on today, he's getting this bmx bike from us and grammy and grandad, but don't tell him yet! And this over-the-door basketball hoop from Aunt Laura and Uncle Ben and the cousins. He's going to be a busy boy.

But daddy leaves for a week to Washington D.C. tonight so I'm happy that he'll have all these fun things to keep him busy this week.

Happy Birthday Sam-Sam. We love you.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Spring has sprung

We only had about one cold day in Chicago for the entire month of March, which was weird because it's usually freezing for the entire month of March.  Of course, that day, we couldn't turn on our heat because a rat had died in our heater and it smelled. life. So we made a fire in the fireplace instead and read books during school about spring and planting.

We started our indoor seeds and stepped it up this year by buying a flourescent grow light to help our seedlings along until they are ready to transplant outside.

We're trying to grow corn this year so that the kids can make a "three sisters garden," (it's a native american thing: planting corn, beans, and squash together as companion plants),  But, I know it might not work well since you are supposed to grow a LOT of corn at once and we don't have a LOT of space. We'll see.
Sammy has been playing with his friend, Isaiah, that lives across the street. Wella calls him "Zay-uh" and screams it out the front door when she sees him. :)

These two HAVE to have a snack at three o'clock every day. This is Wella up from her nap eatting cereal with her big brother. Two peas in a pod I tell ya'.

Bath time. She won't get out of the bath until all the water has gone out and she's gotten to slide around.

I bought this grain grinder for the kids to get the experience of grinding grain and baking the bread from it.
But I've actually been trying to figure out "sprouted grain bread" since I like to buy the Ezekiel 4:9 bread at Whole Foods and it's so pricey.

We've tried it several ways. It's very sticky if you make it the real way and don't dry out the grains first.

The other option is to sprout the seeds, then bake them until they are dried out, and THEN grind them into flour. Supposedly, we can assimilate the gluten better that way or something?

This might have been a yummy small loaf of bread but I forgot about it while watching a whale show on TV with the kids and let it burn into a brick. Next time!

We made these easter gardens during Holy week.

And Wella would like you to know that she got a new baby.

She named her Isla after my friend Greg and Crystal's baby who came to visit us this weekend.

Here's Annabel felting easter eggs.

We did okay, but we're going to need more practice with out wet felting.

The eggs turned out well though.

And of course, we had to do the traditional dying of the eggs.

Sam's eggs.

Luella has been asking to use the big girl potty so we pulled out our potty seat and stool for fun but so far no luck. She tinkled NEXT to the potty once though!

Finding easter eggs with big brother.

So, I guess that's what we've been up to along with school every day and our regular mayhem. Hope everyone had a good Easter!