Friday, August 8, 2008

Those Nester sisters!

My sister and I read blogs sometimes and one that we like is called "The Nesting Place" and the woman calls herself "the Nester". She has a younger sister who calls herself "Nester's sister". I love that, because aren't all little sisters just "so-and-so's sister"? Well, I could have called my blog "Laura's sister" because that's what I am, of course.

So, today, the same big sister informed me that Nester's sister put a picture of HER big sister on her blog, and what is SHE: chopped liver? Good job "Nester's sister"! I know why you did have to pay a weekly homage to your big sister. That's cool. We all have to do it. So, here's mine. Above is my older sister, Laura with her youngest daughter. She's skinny. She has a Posh-like haircut. She's neat and organized and fun and witty and informed on things like politics. She has cute clothes. Her house is awesome. Seriously, you wouldn't believe the incredible Barbie dream house this girl created out of a refrigerator box when we were kids...we're talking carpet remnants, curtains, the works. I'm just a wannabe of her, basically.
She taught me how to do things like roll my hair. This is me with my oldest daughter and her oldest daughter...we all still rolled our hair until about a year ago! We're from Kansas though...we have big hair there. I can specifically remember sitting in her room when I was about 10 (she was 15) and she was teaching me how to be neat and tidy in my appearance for school. She rolled my hair and showed me several fashions I could wear it in. Her two preferences were a) rolled and then put back in a banana clip, or b) rolled and then put back in a headband.
The first time she got pregnant, I accidentally got pregnant a few months later, so our "firsts" are 3 months apart. But then she was in charge of when we were to have our "seconds" so our second children are about a month apart. I'm so fat in this, so fat. Look at our faces!
And now we have all these scrappy kids. I have the chubby ones on the left...she has the twiggy girls on the right. Hers are well-behaved and wear matching outfits. Mine can be kinda naughty (especially the tiny chubby one...who is 3 now) and they wear random hand-me-downs. I just didn't quite get the "togetherness" gene in the family.

This picture is a perfect example of our relationship. Here I have just given birth to my second child about 8.5 seconds previously, and I'm calling her for nursing advice. I'm probably saying "this sucks...can I quit?" and she is saying "no" and then I'm saying "but...but...but" and she is saying " you love your child? Do you? Do you? Well, then do it. Call me in the morning." And then I do.....
But she's always right. That's the problem.
There, I'm done. Homage paid. Just kidding big sister....of course I was gonna put you in my blog! Poor my little sister...I haven't even mentioned her! Well, she's another story for another day. Post man's baby we think.


ohio12 said...

This is highly unfair, because I do not have a blog to retaliate! Grrr...but I mostly liked it.

Urban Mom said...

I love it! You are so right about the thing of being someone's sister. I had three older brothers and a very unusual last name, so I was "so-and-so's" little sister for the longest time. Now as an adult, I set foot in U-Dad's workplace and I'm "U-Dad's Wife." On the playground, I'm "the U-Kids' mom." Do I have a name even???? I guess we're always someone's something, huh? Shows we're part of something bigger, I guess.

Geez, I'm chatty late at night.

Your blog is looking great!!

Rhonda said...

What a great post to your sister. I love it!