Monday, August 4, 2008

An urban homestead?

If there is one thing you may know about me by now, it's that I wish I could bring a little country to our city. The above book, City Green, by Dyanne DiSalvo-Ryan, inspired me to think about the possiblity of a community garden. This book tells the sweetest story of a girl and an elderly lady who join forces to clean up an abandoned lot in their neighborhood and thus bring the community together.
The next picture shows the vacant, city-owned property across the street from our home which I have been eye-balling since we moved here 4 years ago. I wrote the alderman to ask if I could start a community garden, but I haven't heard back. I've heard you can just start doing it though, as long as it is city and not private property.

Its late in the summer at this point, so I'm not thinking giant flower garden, but I figure I could get the glass bottles and sticks out, mow it, and at least let the little neighborhood boys play baseball there without fear of tetanus. I'm not sure if I can convince the alderman to allow me my oh-so-desired chicken coop, but the family across the street from us has roosters, so I'm not sure I see why I couldn't! If anyone has had any experience in community gardens, let me know. I'm not even sure what I want it to look like, so any ideas would be great. This is one of those times I wish I had a ton of readers...I could use your help! If only I could fly Heidi from Mt. Hope Chronicles here to work her beautiful flower-magic!

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Jenny in Ca said...

Hi Urban Mom!

Can you see me on your site meter?-hee-hee. Just popped over from the hive...

We live in the city, but wish we had a farm, too. We have a decent sized back-yard, so we do have a garden. And we have 4 hens as pets and for eggs.

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