Monday, August 25, 2008

These are a few of my favorite things...

Oprah does that "favorite things" show, which is awesome and all. But, what are real women's favorite things? I always want to know what real women can't do without, whether it's the perfect wine or bathtub cleaner or what-have-you. So, here are mine (in no particular order) and I'd love to know what yours are. Please let me know!

Charle's Shaw Chardonnay (otherwise known as Two-buck-chuck at Trader Joe's)

This Gilligan O'Mally's lace bra (in cream, white and black) at Target that costs about $10. It lasts about 6 months, but if you have to buy it twice a year, that's not bad for $10 right? By the way, this is not a picture of me, if you hadn't guessed yet.

Seven7 Jeans at Kohl's. They aren't the cool "7's"...but at $39.99 they are the best fitting, best looking jeans I have bought myself in my 28 years of life.

I could use any $1 shampoo, but this conditioner is something I'll go looking for at 1 am if I don't have it in my shower. It takes years off your hair's life. And, for someone who highlights their hair waaaaaaay too often, I need this....every time I wash my hair. It's awesome. Even when I was in my "adult video blonde" stage....this stuff saves your life.

Why wax at an expensive salon when surgi-wax allows you to wax yourself at home? Alright, so I haven't exactly mastered the bikini wax, but for eyebrows...this is the stuff. No weird honey-based weirdness that doesn't pull off weird weird perfumes. You just paint this stuff on the bad hairs, wait about 10 seconds and pull it off. It's very old-school. Once you get it on, it ain't coming off without taking with it the hair that it has attached to. But it's awesome and it gets the job done quickly and for about $5/pot. You can't argue with that.

Other things that I love:

Irv & Shelly's Fresh picks:

Smoked meat, preferably pork shoulder (you can't mess this recipe up):

Flip flops from Old Navy for $5 (the black ones are my "church" shoes, the brown ones are my "casual" shoes) :

Trader Joe's Spinach Pizza and Orange Blossom Hand Soap

IKEA's Grundtal wall shelf (it's a $20 pot rack that I've had at 3 houses), their wooden salad bowl (we use it daily) and my daughter's loft bed:

Benjamin Moore paint colors: Sierra Hills and Traditional (beige and brown...woohoo! I'm exciting).

That's about it...anyone else?


Anonymous said...

LOL - I'd never heard of two-buck-Chuck's until last Friday. My neighbor had visitors and they brought her a case of this. We don't have Trader Joe's and I'm so jealous! I had a glass and it's good. At $2.39 a bottle, it's exceptional!

Hmmm ...I'll have to think of some of my favorite things for my next blog post.

Thanks for the inspiration!
aka Amy in Orlando @ the WTM boards

Anonymous said...

Trader Joe's pizza is good; we also love the pizza at Whole Foods!

Urban Mom said...

Vanilla chai at Argo Tea. Gets me through many-a-day!