Saturday, August 23, 2008

Carpet glue and ped egg

Well, after two solid weeks of construction (and deconstruction) we're done. Well, done with our part. The basement has been taken apart and put back together and every friggin' baseboard has been painted a new shiny white. The carpet guys are here right now and oh my GOODNESS is that glue a strong smell. My husband took the kids to the pool and I'm here getting high on fumes.

So tonight is date night again...that is if the babysitter doesn't mind hanging out with the fumes. This weekly date night thing is great but it's almost overwhelming! I feel like I turn around and it's Saturday again. I think it's making me shower more often...totally disrupting my "once-a-week-whether-I-need-it-or-not" routine. ;)

Also speaking of grooming, I bought a ped egg. This is a cheese-grater type device which is supposed to make your feet awesomely smooth. As usual, I went to town on my gnarly feet and am now I'm a little tender in the heel-area. And since I stabbed myself on carpet tacs about 100 times this week, my fingertips are killing too. And, due to the infrequent showering and stress as of late, I've broken out with about 100zits on my face. My elderly neighbor said to me this morning: "What got to you? The mosquitos?" and pointed at my neck. Nope, just pimples. She looked horrified. Yeah, I'm not pretty right now. Good night for date night.

I can NOT find my camera. It's killing me. What good is a pictureless blog?

With my living room and kids bedrooms torn apart, we've had time to think about how we want it to be when we put it all back together. One experiment we are considering is putting the kids together in one room and making the other a play room. There rooms are so small that once your bed is in there, you don't have much room for toys. I figure if we just bunk them up in one room then they can have more space in the other to play. But of course, that requires them sleeping together. I'm going to try to turn her girly light blue room into their mutual room and his tan colored room into the playroom. She has a lofted bed which you can slide another bed under and I have some bookshelves to put in the playroom. Ideas?


Urban Mom said...

You have to tell me where you got the lofted bed! We tried something similar, but it was a disaster. Maybe once we forget the nightmare, we'll give it another shot.

Happy Date Night!

Anonymous said...

What a crazy time for you! Glad to hear you're finished. Good luck with the bunkbeds!