Monday, August 4, 2008

Monday morning reality check

My bedroom as it looked the day we took pictures for selling the house.

My bedroom on Monday morning after a friend stayed the weekend, complete with blow-up bed for Sammy and piles of laundry in the hamper (or...around the hamper). Also complete with kids watching copius amounts of PBS.

Aaahhhh...the living room on that glorious "putting the house on the market" day.

The living room last night complete with my husband watching... "Family Guy"? He never watches that...he was probably asleep.

Just trying to "keep it real" as Pioneer Woman always says, but above is my kitchen as it appears on Lovely right? All the things a city condo should have...

But here it is on Monday morning. This actually is not sooo bad.

Fabulous gleaming hardwood floor throughout...including steps (so reads

Same shot, except facing into my bedroom, on a typical Monday morning. Laundry on top of laundry. Dust on top of dust.

I'd like to say that this will all be clean by the end of the day, but my daughter is having a friend over and my kids are fighting already, thanks to the rainy day. Blech!


Rhonda said...

I really like keepin it real post! Looks like my house this morning. So I guess we are both cleaning! Hehe. Have a great day! Rhonda

Urban Mom said...

I love it! U-Dad is a neat-freak -- you'd think that the photogs at Architectural Digest were going to stop by without calling. It's nice to see the reality of everyday life! It reminds me that he's (wonderfully, of course) weird.


Jenny in Ca said...

your freakish clean/messy thingy happens at my house too!

I think it is just the reality of having kids.