Saturday, August 30, 2008

Susan's Sister

Hi. This is Susan’s older sister. I am experiencing blog envy so she is going to let me guest post here about politics occasionally until the election. I am qualified for this because I watch Meet the Press and my husband does policy research and runs Republican campaigns here in the great swing state of Ohio.

It sounds a lot more glamorous than it is. He is mostly gone a lot and makes a salary that can best be compared to a first year teacher. (ok, maybe a first year teacher with a master’s degree…but still) We do get to meet interesting people and go to A LOT of events. This is us with the Honerable Patrick J. Tiberi and his wife.

After the long primary season (we have had political ads on TV here since January), DH’s crazy political schedule and watching gavel-to-gavel coverage of the Democratic National Convention last week I am starting to see the American flag when I close my eyes. But then, on my way to the gym the other day I saw this:

This, to me, is kind of cool. I will probably reluctantly vote for McCain, so this isn’t really a “pro-Obama” post. But what I like about this is that someone cared enough about this election that he went down to his basement, got some old piece of cardboard, bought some blue and red block letter stickers and made that sign! (can you see him at the store choosing some red and some blue, wondering if he should get 3” letters or 4”?) He has no idea that you can call or e-mail Obama’s local headquarters and someone will gladly bring the real thing out to your house. Maybe he thinks they cost money or that you have to know someone to get a sign. Anyway, I think that it is all very American and when it comes to patriotism…. there is really no need to “reign it in.”

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