Tuesday, July 27, 2010

6 weeks

How did it go so fast? Our little Wella Wella is 6 weeks old this week and getting more precious and chunky by the minute. I, of course, have not made my 6-week postpartum doctor's appointment. I didn't go to one after Sammy's birth either, but who has the time?
We had ALL kinds of fun this past week. Matt was out of town for the week last week, my car broke down with the 3 kids in the backseat and I had no cell phone on me, and then, over the weekend our TWO houses flooded from the rain (and my friend Bridget's house which I am watching while they travel). So we're having tons of fun.

The good news is that our little precious Luella keeps us all happy and, if anything, the kids love her too much. Sammy kisses her so much that I have to push him off occasionally so she can get a breath! And Claire still continues to amaze me at how capable she is with the baby. I might be giving her too much freedom, but I'm hoping it will give them a good relationship.

My extended family is coming into town this week and we are super excited about that! Mom and Dad and my older sister and her family will be here this week as well as my Aunt Marty and Uncle Bruce from Colorado. We'll all commune at my Aunt Becky and Uncle Rich's house in Barrington at the end of the week, which will be so fun. We don't get out of the house quite as much this summer, so I'm maybe overly excited to get together with everyone. Haha. Aunt Katie, my baby sister, will be missed however. She's very busy with her grown-up job in Wichita, (and probably a little busy hanging out with her new boyfriend). ;)

This summer has been a weird one. We're all adjusting to a change in activity level with the new baby. Sammy, especially, is used to much more running around and I'm sad that I can't take the kids to as many fun activities as they are used to doing in the summer. Suddenly, taking a newborn to the pool or the beach seems pretty impossible, but I guess I knew that was coming. It's just one summer, right? We're adapting. We go to a splash park that is pretty fun, which doesn't require me to actually get into a pool with the baby, but it still allows the kids to get wet and cool off. Our summer pictures to come soon.....


ohio12 said...

Oh these pictures are darling! You should have had mom or Mrs. Harris stay with you last week when Matt was gone. With two little ones and a newborn, that was a lot. I don't think any of my friends with babies could have swung that so soon after giving birth! But you always make the baby stage look so easy. Can't wait to see you in 2 days. xo

On the Verge-Couples ed. said...

that is so true...you make everything look so easy...like "oh this week was busy, our car broke down, our house flooded, my husband was gone...but oh well its over now" like no big that that all just happened. im seriously so sad that im not coming that chance has to comfort me every night with food and hold me while i sob that i miss my sisters. poor him. anyway, take lots of pics this week so i can pretend to be a part of it!

Jenn Discher said...

oh i love her chubs!! i keep telling Jules I want to see more chubs. she has the most beautiful little mouth. oh, Wella. i love how sweet Sammy and Claire are with her!