Monday, May 4, 2009

Barrington evening

My dad drove through the Chicago area this weekend on his way from bringing my baby sister home from college. She graduated this weekend! So, yesterday, we went to Barrington, (a Chicago suburb) to my aunt's house. Barrington is where I would want to live if I didn't live in the city. It's beautiful and still so country-ish. When we go out there, I really do feel like I'm far, far away from the city, and it's great!

This is the front of their home. That's my uncle bringing out my gin-and-tonic. Actually, no, it was wine. His g&t's are so strong that I can't take it! So, I stick with the wine. They are the most hospitable people, though. They always feed us the best dinner and let us bring our loud, wild children THAT is hospitality.
My dad gave Sammy his birthday present from him and my mom, and BOY, was it a birthday present. He gave him an entire set of little boy golf clubs. But I mean REAL ones...not something plastic from a toy store. Sammy thought he was a little Tiger Woods all night. And what better place to practice your golf swing than on the acres and acres of huge land at Uncle Richie's house!
And THIS is my baby sister. She's gorgeous and always dressed just perfectly cute and pulled-together looking. My older sister and I wonder how she got the pulled-together-outfit gene because neither of us posess it. She also got "the hair". She's also all dark and exotic looking. We like to tell her she's the postman's baby. Haha. And the guy with her is my cousin Kent who, in Sammy's mind, is a giant celebrity. Kent goes to college in Colorado and snowboards all the time. We find his videos online and watch them over and over and Sammy tries to practice moves like Kent's. Last night, he taught Sammy how to skateboard, so he was in 4-year-old heaven.
Hillary is my cousin and she is getting married to Mark this summer in a vineyard in Michigan. She asked me to be in her wedding and her dresses are super-cute sundresses. I love them! And how often can you say that about a bridesmaid dress??

And THIS was another fabulous part of the night. Aunt Becky got this amazing cake at Ambrosia, this apparently incredible bakery in Barrington. It was mango flavor! I wish I could get married again just to have this cake at my wedding. Or, maybe I'll just go there sometime. It was incredible and Claire thought it was the most beautiful cake ever.
Thanks for having us out guys! Grandad and Aunt Katie are coming to our house this morning to spend the day with us here in the city, so I'm sure we'll have adventures to post about tomorrow.

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