Saturday, May 16, 2009

Here comes the sun

We got an unexpectedly nice day today. The Awana club that Claire goes to had a "Grand Prix" today so she painted her race car in preparation for it. She wanted pink and blue and silver with racing stripes that were purple. We were afraid it was going to be cold and rainy with the looks of the sky this morning, but it turned out beautiful for the afternoon.

We had to take our little guy into the doctor who confirmed that he has strep throat. Poor baby.
But he and I headed up to the Chicago Waldorf School on the north side for their May Fair, complete with may pole dancing, jazz band, and puppet show. It was gorgeous weather. Sammy wasn't his normal wild self (being sick and all) but we just walked around slowly while he ate a snow cone.

We picked up Claire and Matt from their Awana event and headed home. Claire won a participation ribbon (woman after her mother's ways) and was totally happy about it. Everyone's napping now, but we'll probably head over to the plant nursery (aka Home Depot) later to get some flowers for the yard. This is the time of year that we all love to go hang out in our 8 foot by 8 foot yard and pretend that we have a garden or something. Claire likes to use the new push mower, and Sammy will happily water the two hanging plants that we always get to put out front. Woohoo! We're practically farmers.

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