Friday, May 22, 2009

Waldorf schooling

I am super pumped about all the cool things I want to teach Claire through home schooling. Like I said in my post about homeschooling catalogs, I want to make school interesting for my kids and all the cool stuff you can find to do with them is very exciting to me.

But. But. But. When I watch the video above, I want to cry watching the kids do all that beautiful stuff together! I'll never be able to recreate that! I'm starting to think that if I was going to homeschool that maybe I should have had 6 kids so we could have a group!

And will I ever do as much cool stuff with her as she'd get to do at the Waldorf school that is starting up around here?

If only I agreed with the whole thing. A few of their ideas are weird to me, and if I was going to go Waldorf all the way through, I probably shouldn't have taught Claire how to read at 4 years old! (They don't do it until 7 years old)

It makes me so sad to think of not homeschooling, but, then again, I'm afraid I'm depriving her of this fabulous artistic social experience.

If I am going to homeschool (I think I am. I think I am.) then I need to seriously step up the artistic fabulousness.


mimi said...

These are thoughts I ponder all the I doing enough for them, am I depriving them? I think it may go along with homeschooling. I also think that it means that you are a good, thoughtful mom!

That Waldorf stuff looks neat.

The Whites said...

wow that video is beautiful! Have you read Charlotte Mason?... it sounds a lot like her