Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Break In

Today I walked out of the school where I tutor on Wednesday mornings and I was all pumped up to do some kind of reading program for the kids in my neighborhood. I was thinking maybe I'd volunteer at the school near my house (rather than the one by my church) so that I'd be working with kids that I see on a regular basis. I so enjoy the process of teaching reading that I just get on a high when I'm done tutoring because I'm having all these ideas on how to teach kids better. Kids with actual disabilities, kids with behavior issues, kids who are visual, kids who aren't, kids who have spent years sitting in classes where the reading assignments were WAY over their heads and they are trying to hide their shame/embarassment from their classmates.

Well, I was so lost in thoughts of education that it was almost a block down the street before I realized that my back car window was bashed in and my purse was stolen. Nothing of major value was in my purse, and the purse itself was on its last limb, but of course, every identification I have was in there, along with my credit card, etc. And, worst of all, my back window was shattered RIGHT into Claire's booster car seat, so I had to sweep out as much glass as I could before picking her up from school. Then, I just gave up on it and put her in the front seat because it seemed so dangerous otherwise.

You do remember that I was hit by another car a few weeks ago right? Is it a little odd that we literally JUST finished paying off this dumb car? So frustrating. But I'm trying to keep it in perspective. We're healthy. We have the money to deal with all of this. No one was hurt in either incident. And I think it may be God's way of just reminding me and Matt that none of this is in our control anyway. So...we may as well start praying about it and just trusting that God's going to figure this all out one way or another.


On the Verge said...

omg suz! your city is out of control! i cant imagine having to go get all new cards and ids....awful awful...
it COULD be jesus telling you to move to wichita;)

Urban Mom said...

Oh, that's awful! Your perspective is admirable. I'd be posting about revenge fantasies involving whatever object was used to bash in my window. And the U-Kids would be learning new words... Good on ya for remaining upbeat!