Thursday, July 1, 2010

This week...more of the same

We're still on a pretty slow pace around here this summer. Matt is still off work until the 4th of July, so we've settled into a vacation-type schedule. We haven't done anything too exciting since life still revolves around our newborn, but it's nice to just hang out for a while. Occasionally, we still get visitors to admire little Luella.  Grandpa and Grandma came by this week and Sammy loved that. He's just having a few moments of issues with not being the baby anymore
And big sister is still doting on her baby sister every second that she can.

As is Grandma.

The big kids helped give Luella her first real bath. They did a great job, but doesn't she look scared!?

She still does a lot of this.

But Aunt Laura said I haven't posted enough photos of her, so here are a few. I think the family wants to compare her to how chunky my other kids were at this age so that's why these are all in just a diaper.

And we take walks too! Isn't our life thrilling right now? That's about all I do in a given day right now: feed Wella, change Wella, get Wella to sleep, take Wella for a walk, bathe Wella. It's a bit of a change from how crazy-run-around I was just before she was born, but it's actually kinda nice. One of these days I might want to put cleaning back into my daily regimen, but no rush, right?


ohio12 said...

Oh my goodness! So precious...I have tears in my eyes. I think she still looks like Claire, but has her own thing going too. And I think not quite as chubby as the others. She looks long, but maybe that is just the pictures. Sadly, she already looks less newbornish. I have to hurry and see her. I had seen both of the others by now. Well, typical 3rd born I guess. xo, Big Sister

On the Verge said...

us 3rd borns gotta stick together;)

zara said...

great post~