Tuesday, July 20, 2010

A little preciousness for your day

I'm drinking coffee right now and eatting the leftover thai food that I ordered with my good friend, Kristin, last night. I have to brag on Kristin because she's a big-time corporate pilot who flew in for a night on business and stopped by to see me and meet Luella. I think she's very fancy. She's my best buddy from childhood whose wedding I was in last summer. And it was great to see her.
I'm alone for the week because the Big Guy is on a business trip until Friday. And when he's out of town I like to make sure I do a little blog with pictures of his babies in it, so here's are some pictures of the Wella. He likes to read the blog when he's out of town to see what we're up to. And I try to make what we are doing sound fabulous so he thinks I'm a great mom.

But right now the honest truth is that I slept in until the big kids came in imploring me to get up because there were NO MORE YOGURTS in the fridge! Heaven forbid. So I got up and little Wella-Wella woke up with me. We made breakfast (raisin bran) and then we made "second breakfast" (leftover thai food) and now I'm trying to will myself into action for the day.

So far, the hardest part of being a mom of three for me has been balancing everyone's activity level. You see, Luella was up for one rigorous hour of eatting, making cute faces, burping, and getting her diaper changed. Then she was all tuckered out and ready for a nap. Sammy, on the other hand, was, at that same moment, dressed in head-to-toe camouflage and asking to go to the park to shoot golf balls.

So, what's a mother to do? Park or rest time? Poor Sammy. He lost this time. But...if I go brush my teeth right now (actually, that's totally optional) then I can be ready to go for the next brief hour that little Luella is awake. Then she can ride to the park in the stroller and listen to me yell at Sammy: "Hey! Don't hit the ball that way...there are cars over there!" and "Give your sister a turn" and "no REALLY, it's her turn now" and "SAM-U-EL....don't hit it that WAY!" and "Don't look at the bench where the teenagers are making out!" (okay, I don't say that part...I just decide that it's time to go at that point). My friend Julia was here with her three boys yesterday and she got to experience our park first hand. Lovely.
Alright, have a good one.


On the Verge-Couples ed. said...

Shes getting soo big !!! and PRECIOUS!! i tried calling you back on sunday and the other day and left you messages. im guessing you are either ignoring me or trapped under something heavy.... :)
just kidding...call me when you get some down time (which is never)...call me even if you have to yell at sammy every five seconds.

MA mom said...

Don't worry Lulu Faye....I'm going to be holding you every second very soon! Can't wait to be with all 5 g-kids.

Nathalie H said...

she looks so contended, almost too grounded for such a young baby. Bet she will be very easy to bring up