Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Daddy Daughter dates

So, last week Matt took Claire to the Sears tower. It is now officially named the Willis tower but I don't think anyone actually calls it that. They have had it on their list of things to do since she was 5 years old, but they finally got around to it.

The funny thing is that even though Matt grew up around Chicago, he had never been to the top of the Sears himself! I went as a kid several times, but maybe that's because I was a "tourist". Here is Claire on the 103rd floor looking through the telescope thing.

Here is the CNA building. It's the big red building if you look at a picture of the skyline and I used to work there back in the day. It was my one and only adult job. My entire professional career. And it only lasted about 13 months. I started there the week of Sept 11, 2001 (traumatic as you might imagine) and that was about 4 months before Matt and I got married. Since I got pregnant about 2 seconds later (okay...6 months later) I didn't end up there very long.

A view towards the Hancock building. 
And one of the Chicago River and the Chicago SunTimes building.

Um....why is my family standing in a glass box 103 floors in the air?

It's sooooo good that I wasn't there because I would have ruined the experience with panic attacks.

Aaaaaaahhhh! What are they doing? That can not be safe.

This is when I'd be giving Matt death looks and saying things like "fine...if you want our first born child out there levatating over the city that's just FINE! You obviously don't even care about us. Claire....seriously....step back honey. Seriously."

More falling feelings are happening in weird parts of my body right now. But, alright, that is pretty cool looking. I'm glad they had that time together. Now that we have "all these kids", I think one-on-one time is going to be rare. I did tell her that she is stealing all my dates with daddy though. Wink, wink.


MA mom said...

Wait a minute til my dizzy spell stops!! What a fun time for Claire to have her dad all to herself for awhile. What good parents she has! Looking forward to seeing everyone soon.

ohio12 said...

Tinkle came out when I saw that.