Friday, June 18, 2010

Baby Luella's first few days

Day 1: Being born. That's the hard part.

Day 2: Visitors come to the hospital.
Big sister Claire
Big brother, Sam, who wore his camouflage shirt for the occasion.

Aunt Sarah

Aunt Rebecca
Grandma Harris
And then the mom rests for a minute before packing up to go home.

Grammy and Grandad were waiting at home with a VERY eager big brother and sister who wanted to hold their new baby every second and show her toys and kiss her and do all kinds of things to her. Here, Luella is saved by Grammy who is calm and NOT a wild sibling.

Day 3: Grandpa and Uncle David come to see our new baby.
...and then we're tired again....
....and a little overwhelmed....
...but Grammy is there again and Luella loves Grammy.
Sammy is the ultimate defender of his new sister. This morning he told me that he hates bees. I said: "but you used to say that you loved bees because they make honey and that you only hated wasps." He said: "Yeah, well, that was before our baby was born. Now I hate bees too."
I can't believe we have three kids! My parents had three kids. I'! Wow! Good thing I love them so much. It's funny how BIG your big kids look after a new baby comes into the house. Suddenly Sammy looks like a giant compared to this new tiny person.

Day 4: Grammy and Grandad have to leave and go back to Wichita. They will be VERY missed. VERY. Thanks for all your help mom and dad.

Also, last night, after sleeping only about 20 minute stretches at a time the previous night, baby Lulu slept 5 hours in a row! If only that would keep going! Also, the kids left for summer camp at City Garden for the morning, so it's just Matt, me, and Luella in the house until 1 this afternoon. That is a very strange feeling.

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Brandi Hanes said...

Congrats on your new bundle of JOY!!!