Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The waiting game

I'm a third time mom. I should know not to be impatient for the baby to come as the due date comes and goes. But I can't help myself. I'm super uncomfortable and it's hot here, so I'm trying to stay busy by distracting myself with projects/cleaning. You can call this picture: "Your last time to see my toothpaste-speckled mirror" or "Susan at 40 weeks pregnant". Because today is the day. I'm due. And  I'm feeling it.

Yesterday we made homemade pasta trying to stay busy. That was fun for about 3 seconds until my feet hurt from standing and I had to clean up the dough off the counter, (but it was good with the chicken parm I made to go with it).

About a week ago we ordered patio furniture from Menards and it finally got delivered today. It's sitting in the living room waiting for Matt to carry it up to our balcony.

By the way, the best part of patio furniture is having a two-part giant cardboard fort.

I make my bed every day now because I'm always thinking that this might be the day and heaven forbid my mother-in-law see my bed unmade when she comes to pick up the kids.

I've cleaned the bathrooms for the "last time" a few times now. With sticky popsicle hands to contend with and basic summer-time messiness, it's hard for those to stay clean for more than 3 hours though.

I finally put the washed sheets and matress pad on the crib in Claire's room. I waited until now so they wouldn't be dusty when she arrives.

I went through our baby clothes and picked out a tiny soft thing for her to wear home from the hospital. See the tag? It says "Baby Lulu". One of our name possibilities is "Luella" so seeing that tag made me happy.

It's a little hand-me-down outfit, but it's soft from being worn and washed so it seemed just right.

My bag is packed and the changing table/dresser is set up.

But then at 1:30am this morning, when I thought I was doing okay and not being too impatient, my cousin Hilary, who is due two weeks AFTER me had her BABY! Alright, so I was jealous for a minute, but then they sent out this tiny picture of baby Leia Reese and she was so precious that I got over my jealousy and just loved her. Isn't she darling?

But good friend Greg, from high school, and his wife Crystal sent out a text message with THIS picture of baby Isla Ann who was born this afternoon in a hospital somewhere in NYC, where they live. Look at those cheeks! Oh my goodness. So much preciousness is entering the world today. "So where is OUR baby?" Sam asks me. "She's coming soon" I tell him. But I'm starting to wonder....

Just to tempt fate, I'm driving out to the suburbs to get a pedicure with my friend Julia tonight. Take that due date!!! I'm getting my toes done and my caluses scrubbed off and you can't stop me!

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