Saturday, October 10, 2009

Saturday mornings

So, Matt was a dear and took the kids to gymnastics this morning. That is, after Sammy and I watched Holmes on Homes which we like to do on Saturday mornings. He's very into construction work lately, as would be expected with the new house and all. Today he said, " you be two things when you grow up?" Sure. "Well, then I want to be a police and a worker guy." That was after he watched a giant backhoe digging a giant sewage tank out of someone's yard on HGTV.

So, anyway, with the family gone, I'd love to totally chill, but who has time? With school in full swing now, Claire and I work all morning, pick up Sam from school, try to do something fun in the afternoon (like painting or something since I am officially her only friend now) and then I figure out dinner. Once Sammy is awake from his nap, all bets are off. We have to run outside or occasionally the neighborhood boys come by and play nerf guns with him for an hour or so until Matt comes home. Then, of course, there is dinner, cleaning it up, and bedtimes to do.

So when else am I supposed to clean the potties and vacume the floors? On Saturday morning, of course. So, I've used up my 10 minutes of computer time, I better go put on my apron!

*House updates: the drywall is going up, the banister is being stripped and raised, the floor guy has been found and his price was reasonable. I found a hundred-year-old (maybe not quite that old) wine press in the basement of my garage, (remember this was an old Italian neighborhood and I guess basement wine was a big thing back in the day) and one of those clothes washing things where you scrub your clothes on one side and then put them through a squeegy thing to dry them. We also found a pair of really old leather baby shoes in the wall...that was a little creepy. So, the walls will be painted next week, the cabinets will be painted, the floors will be sanded, the kitchen stuff installed, and then we'll be in! I can't believe it. OH! And Mr Tommy seems to think it would be relatively easy to convert our fake fireplace into a woodburning one! The bathrooms are still pretty grose though...we haven't even touched those yet. I wanted to get in there and do some stuff, but the workers keep not flushing and also throwing there cigarettes into the toilet so I'm not touching them until the work is done. Alright, signing off.
***Update to this post: I did not end up ever getting off the computer and I am now sitting here 45 minutes later trying to decide if I should jump up and pretend to clean the house before everyone walks in or if I should just lay here with my cold coffee and morning breath. Okay, I'm getting up.


ohio12 said...

I love the old-timey pictures! I also love the word old-timey.

Robin said...

Those two old men watching the gymnastics are creepin' me out