Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Kitchen:black counters and white cabinets

So, you remember that this is my current kitchen, right? Except now they have pulled up the floors and their are oak or maple floors underneath that we're going to stain a sorta warmish natural color. The problem lies with the rest of the color scheme. Right now, the plan is to get new appliances, paint the cabinets white, and put in a few new cabinets on the right side. But....what color countertops? I always used to swear I'd never do black because it seemed so cold, but right now I'm in love with these kitchens below. They are all white with dark counters, but are much grander than mine will be for obvious reasons (large windows/huger/incredible cabinetry). But just for the sake of inspiration...

...this is approximately the color our floors will be and I think that warms up the granite and stainless.

Okay, woman from, I know I can't touch the beauty of this kitchen, but you see the beauty of the black and white, right?

This one is a touch cold looking, but I like the rusticness.

This kitchen has a bunch of different countertops, but this kitchen made me want to do the dark bronze hardware on the cabinets.

Or, what about gold handles? Blow this one up. I want to go to here.

A little too cool with the blue for me...

If only I could mix it with a giant butcher block island! Okay, that will never happen. If you want to look at a house that will make you cry with it's beauty though, click here.

More good rusticness.

This one is one of my favorites, but I can't afford a farm sink (apron sink?) so I guess that's not a perfect comparison.

This one, if you blow it up to look at it, is probbaly as close to the actual layout of my kitchen as possible, and I think with yellowish walls and the warmth of the wood floors that the black is okay still. I don't care for the shiny tiles so much, but I do like subway tiles. These just look a little...something. I don't know.

Okay, so to digress, this is my actual favorite kitchen right now. It's nothing that I could have (I'm really loving the vintage ovens right now, but they are expensive!) but it's so warm and vintagey and great. granite or no? Someone say something...if only my sister!


mimi said...

I'll speak up....:) I love dark counter tops. It doesn't have to be black...mine are a mix of black, dark green and other colors. Also, are you set on granite? We put in a faux granite that I love(much cheaper too!) I know of someone who made concrete counter tops..they look amazing.

As for white cabinets with black counters....big thumps up.BTW, I love that last kitchen pic.

ohio12 said...

yes, I like the combo a lot. those kitchens are incredible. i love the bookshelves in a couple of them and the rug in the one really warms it up. the vintage one is cute, but even for me too vintage..does not look user friendly or easy to keep clean. keep these ideas coming, so fun to look at.

Robin said...

I like the black countertops idea and the gray/slate color of a concrete countertop would look great too, but I wonder if those stains too easily. The rustic bronze hardward would look great if you had a speck of bronze or something in the black granite. Or, is that too matchy-matchy? Sorry I'm not much help. Now you know why my kitchen still has 1980s beige formica and wallpaper.