Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Pumpkin carving party

We carve pumpkins with the neighborhood kids most years. And sometimes we try to jazz it up a bit with fun snacks or something. This year, we did caramel apples

It turns out that caramel is simply burned sugar with water and butter. Who knew!

And it's pretty glossy that way too!

Claire and I made about 5 during Sammy's nap so that we'd be ready to go.

When Sammy woke up, we carved our two pumpkins and the kids dove into their apples.

Carving a pumpkin is hard! Especially scooping the goop, which Sammy would not touch.

Then Annabel came over, and she practically carved her own pumpkin! That girl scooped all her goop!

Then Little Bryan showed up after band practice. He gave us a little trombone performance. The kids were very impressed.

He ate a caramel apple and carved a pumpkin as well...

...and then we all ran outside to see them in the window. We had some candle issues.

I also roasted the seeds for the first time. Sammy ate so many his tummy hurt at bedtime.

Then again, the tummy ache might have had something to do with me taking them to McDonalds at 6 o'clock for dinner. I planned lots of fun stuff, but I forgot about dinner! Details, details.

Sammy really loves this guy he got in his happy meal. He doesn't watch many movies, but he says that everything that looks like a superhero or a monster is a "Star Wars guy". For instance, Batman and Spiderman are the head Star Wars guys.

It was a fun night. I have always loved Halloween, but now I need to sleep! And we all need to eat only vegetables until Matt gets home. We miss you Big Guy!

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