Thursday, October 22, 2009


I need a chandelier for our dining room, a chandelier/pendant for our breakfast table room by the kitchen, and then lights/fans for the bedrooms. For now, help me with the dining room light and maybe the breakfast table light....

This for the dining room?

Or this? This was my original Home Depot find, but now I'm going away from it a bit...

...I'm liking this a little bit, even though I don't normally do ornate.

I like this pendant a lot, but Matt thinks it would be too small over a large dining room table, so maybe in the breakfast area?

This is the dining room table I'd like to have. It's from World Market. So, picture the light above a table like this. I can't decide. I'm the worst decider.

My kitchen table is sorta like this, (except remember I painted it myself so it's only sorta like this one). Would the pendant light (the last light pictured) look good above this? Help please!

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Robin said...

I really, really like the first light and the ornate chandalier (sp?). I'm actually loving the "ornatenest" of it and I usually don't like that stuff. So much fun-at least it is for me :)