Monday, October 5, 2009

A little clarification....

Sorry that my explanations of the house demo were confusing at best, and that my bad pictures didn't help. Just to simplify....

Here is the now-open staircase and living room.

This was the old entry to the kitchen, but it will now only be from where you see that yellow ladder. This door will be walled off, (I don't like people looking at my undone dishes as they walk in the door).

Here is the old small dining area and the green bedroom which will now be a "mudroom". The wall was moved about 3 feet back to make the little dining room a little bigger.

Here is from the small dining area looking back toward the kitchen.

Here is one side of my soon-to-be master bedroom....

...and the other side. That framed door is the old back door to the house.

Anyway, just so you can see the "before". Hopefully there will be some "after" coming soon!

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