Monday, October 5, 2009

City Garden Harvest Fest

Ah, the City Garden Harvest Festival.

Where harvest crowns are woven from leaves.

Planters are built for the garden.

And biodynamic cow poop is prepared for the soil.

This is Mr Alexander from the teacher training school. Here he is teaching the boys about the cow poop. Apparently, biodynamic "preps" for the garden are created by putting cow manure into a cow horn, burying it in a field for a year, and then digging it up, putting a bit in with water, and then stirring it into a vortex for an hour before it is sprinkled around the garden with little whisk brooms. I was buying the cow poop in the horn part, but when I heard that stirring the "prep" into a vortex for an hour was supposed to draw the moon forces into the water, he lost me. And I quit stirring it for him. arm was tired anyway.

This is Mr Frank. He builds stuff at City Garden....

...such as this beautiful bridge...

...and this train. If you want one, he'll build it for you. It's about $1,000 so I haven't ordered one yet but it's extremely well made, I can tell you that.

Mr Frank also happens to be the boyfriend of our fearless leader, Ms Hellesoy. She's pretty awesome and takes such good care of my Sammy. She's the only teacher who has ever told me that she thinks Sammy's craziness is "perfectly normal" and it doesn't faze her a bit.
She's very kind and warm, but she's also a pretty tough lady, so she's pretty capable with all the little rowdy boys. She grew up in Norway and her father was a sea captain, so she's got that whole rugged, capable woman thing down.

Mr Krohl. He's the guy who helped Ms Hellesoy start the school. He's very funny and all the kids love him.

I think the parents at this school get cooler and cooler looking every year. Isn't that lady in the plaid coat right out of a magazine?

And the kids are pretty cute too. This is Lucille. I wish you could see all her blonde ringlets.

And Clem. I love Clem so much. He misses his daddy every morning though and cries "just for a minute" as he says.

It was a charming festival, as usual. Claire is wearing a bit of roasted marshmallow on her cheek here. Signs of a good time.


mimi said...

You mean the lady thinking "why is that woman taking my picture?"....yes, she's pretty cool :)
I'm always trying to take pictures like that when we are out...never works for me.

mimi said...
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