Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Big Guy's Away

So, Matt left for Cleveland at 5:30am on Monday. Sammy came into our bed the night before with a sick tummy, so I let him sleep with us for a while and then I moved to the couch when he fell asleep, (I can NOT sleep between those two boys). So, when Matt's alarm went off before 5, Sammy got up too.

So, not only was Sammy awake, but then Matt goes down to kiss Claire goodbye! Alright, I know that's sweet, but he woke her up too! So, by 5:30, we were all up and everyone was crying at the window about daddy leaving.

We played playdough for a while so that everyone would cheer up.

And we ate bagels and cream cheese. And we got our teeth brushed and got dressed.

And then Sammy wanted to go outside to ride his bike, but it was still dark.

After what seemed like a LONG was still not even 7am. Not the best way to start the week that Matt was leaving us. But, we're surviving!

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The Whites said...

We have those same bagels!! I love them.. .so soft!!