Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The rehearsal

You have to love the backseat of a bride's car. She had everything back there imaginable...
...including her chatechism book (good catholic girl!) and her bride bag full of all the random stuff you need as a bride.
Kristin looked stunning all weekend. Her wedding "theme" was sorta vintage/purple/butterfly/over-the-top fabulous, so she wore purple to the rehearsal. Remember her great purple shower dress? She's good at coordinating.
This picture of the old catholic church where they got married isn't very blurry...but you get the point. It was stunning. Giant statues of saints everywhere.
She had the cutest priest ever. I have to admit, I think I flirted with Father Matt a little at the rehearsal dinner, but he was just too cute. And he kept saying things like "where's a priest to get a drink around here?" at the dinner. My kind of priest, man.
Here is Kristin doing her famous laugh. I wish I had it on video. We all love Kristin's laugh. It's infectious, as they say.
Here is a line-up of the other bridesmaids. That's Gloriana ("G" as they call her...she's about 6 months pregnant, and wore super high heels all weekend. Go G!) then Lisa, and Zeina. They were a very fun group of girls to pal around with all weekend.
More pictures of the church saints. These guys were everywhere! Really beautiful.
Here are the father and mother-of-the-bride. These guys were like second parents to me growing up. Mr K always called me his "little buddy". He looks a little concerned in this picture, but he's usually quite jolly. Maybe he's deciding if he's okay with the groom afterall. Just kidding! They love Jon, and Kristin and Jon have been together since we were 16, so we all love Jon.
More cute pregnant lady pictures.
After the rehearsal, we left for the dinner. Kristin and Jon had very cute shoes, I thought.
We ate great food.....
...watched a cute video/picture montage of the couple.
...and ate cheesecake. Very delicious.
I can't even describe the hundreds of presents WE got all weekend. She gave us all vintage/antique frames, vintage brooches, this great victorian lady/jewelry holder....
....and she gave each bridesmaid a giant bling ring to wear down the aisle. This is Zeina and me sporting our bling. I was a tiny bit less orange here than I was the day before, which is why I'm showing you this picture.
The guys got these fedoras. They didn't wear them down the aisle, but they were very cute.
Oh, and each person took home a cute Godiva chocolate wedding cake. I think Sammy ate most of mine, but the bite I got was gooood. Thanks for all the fun stuff Kris! Your whole weekend was amazing.

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