Friday, June 26, 2009

Millenium Park with the Russells

Once upon a time we had these best friends who lived in Chicago. They were our small group leaders at church. We went through regular life together and a few dramas thrown in there. When Robin finally suprised us with the news that they were going to have a baby years ago, we got to suprise them with the fact that we were having a baby too! So, Sammy and Toby were born 3 weeks apart. We love these people. But then they moved to Atlanta. Luckily, we still love them, but we miss them and we're always happy when they visit.
And visit they did this last weekend! So, we all hung out at Millenium Park on Saturday, and the kids played in the fountain for quite a while. It has rotating pictures of faces projected onto the wall, and then every once in a while the face spits out water in a big stream and the kids all run to get soaked in it. It's a weird concept when you think about it, but it's a big hit for kids.
Claire and Sammy took to it right away. I kept remembering the first summer it was completed. Sammy had just been born and Claire just walked around the edge getting her feet wet while Sammy screamed hysterically in the stroller from heat.
Even at that young age, he probably would have liked it better if I had just run through the fountain with him getting him soaked.
Claire has gotten braver and got into the spray a little more this time.
Sammy, of course, was always waiting right at the spot where the giant spray of water comes out so that he can be the first person to get water in their face.
He found these brothers and had quite a time with them. Aren't they cute and chubby?
I love this picture of Sam...with his ribs sticking out from the cold and his police man badge tatoo.
Toby mainly liked to get his feet wet in the water and then make patterns of feet prints on the dry sidewalk. I love this kids red hair.
Claire did stuff like this as well as jumping in the spray.
We headed to Macy's (formerly Marshall Fields) for lunch and cooling off.
Going here reminded me of the days when I used to get invited to Glamorama, which is a fashion show/fundraiser for the Art Institute hosted by Macy's. I wish I'd had this blog back in those days (or even a good camera!) because...
...I could have shown you sweet pictures of Beyonce (I saw her kinda up close) and I would have told you the story of when I snuck into the VIP part of the party and...
... snuggled up to Rich from Big and Rich. Haha...
Well, anyway, I digress. Inside Macy's we tried on hats...
...ate Chicago hot dogs.
...and I gave myself heartburn eatting their famous fish and chips. My goodness is that fish greasy.
We ended the afternoon upstairs in the FAO Schwartz (which happens to be going out of business). Everything was 50% off, so we could have bought that sweet dragon for like, $1,000.
We all headed home (and the Russell's to their hotel) for nap time, but it took us a while to get on a train because.... was Puerto Rican fest this past weekend. All the trains were packed!
We made it home and crashed. It was a great weekend to see Robin, Dan, and Toby and we are hoping that he somehow gets transfered back here someday. It could happen!

(p.s. - it looks like Claire is picking Matt's nose in the background of this picture...or Matt has tiy hands. Haha)


Urban Mom said...

What a fun and exhausting day! Love it. We haven't hit the MP fountain yet this year, but need to when we get back from travelling. The UKs love it! Chicago really is fun for kids, huh?

Robin said...

I was telling somebody the other day about how you called us from Glamorama right after you met Beyonce'. In my version, you got to actually meet her, or at least, exchange winks. My audience was duly impressed. Yes, you are my cool friend. I'm so glad to have you as my cool friend.