Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day Big Guy!

On Matt's first Father's Day, I made him a video with a regular vhs camcorder. I moved pictures in and out of the frame manually while playing John Denver songs in the background. I am normally not cheesy, but he likes that kind of stuff, so I thought I should suprise him with a sentimental video. Well, since I [obviously] had ZERO technology skills, the video was hilariously embarassingly bad.

I'm not MUCH better now, but thank goodness for modern technology so I could at least stop waving polaroids in front of the screen.

I may not be much of a film maker, but Matt is an awesome dad. So here's to you Big Guy!


ohio12 said...

AWSOME! you forgot how he also brings home the "cheddah"!

how did we both luck out in the DH department?

i didn't do anything sentimental this year. we got PD a giant extension ladder so he can clean out the gutters on the second story without breaking his neck. and the extended family is coming here for dinner tonight.

we miss you guys like crazy especially after seeing that video.

Kate said...

I love that video! Makes me happy. Here's to Matt on Father's Day! :)

MA mom said...

I'm so thankful for the two best sons-in-law in the whole world. The video captures the reality of it all. Thanks, Matt, for loving your family so much.