Saturday, June 27, 2009

A blog of house ideas and stolen pictures....oops

I always think it is tacky when people post pictures that other people took on their own blogs, especially when they don't give the people credit. However, I constantly save pictures of other people's house ideas on my computer as inspiration for our next house. And, usually, I don't keep track of where I found them because they are just for me. EXCEPT, for today because I really want to post the pictures that I've been keeping in my idea files since they are all coming together. So, if anyone happens to know whose pictures these are, I'd be happy to give credit where credit is due.
I'm realizing I really like turquoise right now. Just a bit...not too much. Well, sometimes too much. The picture on top shows the staircase in our soon-to-be-new house. The picture below is pretty and light...don't you think? I happen to know this picture's credit. It's here.

Or, what about the picture on the bottom here as inspiration for the living room? Right now, I believe the tenants in "our" house are storing a stereo and possibly a printer in the fireplace? Stunning.

Now, as we go, you have to start using your imagination more. This is the kitchen in the new house. I use the terms loosely, because in my definition of a kitchen there should be a dishwasher, microwave, garbage disposal, etc. This one has none of those things. This one is also painted red, yellow, and blue.
So, I headed to Adventures in renovating a Brooklyn Limestone for inspiration on the kitchen. It's the one on the left. Gorgeous, stunning, and all of that good stuff. The one on the bottom is more practical and realistic probably, (I remember the woman painted them herself....if I could only remember who she was!) but also cute and vintagey. I like vintagey.
I also like this white kitchen that has just a little turquoise, and, if I was seven, I'd really like this bottom one.
Now, remember, keep being imaginative. The dirty bathroom with a mop rotting in the tub is our new master bathroom! Wait, it's actually the only full bath on the second floor, so maybe it isn't a "master" bath. But how pretty is that white bathroom? I could do that kinda, maybe, right?
My good friend Nina gave me an old chandelier that I'm quite considering spray-painting turquoise like the one in this dining room picture. But maybe for Claire's room? And what about that vintagey-like dressing table in my bedroom? And with the red seat? Mmmmm...I like it. Now, if we could actually close on this new house that I speak of...then all my decorating dreams could become reality. Is anyone else feeling the turquoise like I am?


ohio12 said...

i am feeling the turquiose. i think i would like to copy one for my kitchen eating area. the one with the tuquoise chandelier. (scuse the spelling) i think i could do that.

ohio12 said...

also, i think that one kitchen is from lifeingrace.

Kate said...

my living room is turquoise and I LOVE IT!! plus, there are always fun accessories... go for it!