Friday, April 10, 2009

A week in review

So, we have had a decent week. The weather has been "decent" (no snow) and we started out the week with an Easter egg project. Sammy and Claire really like the magic crayon (the white wax one) that comes with the set and kept making me write things on their eggs for them. Sammy really wanted me to draw surf boards and write things like "surfin' safari" on his eggs. All I can say is: I did my best.
Claire was invited to several other little girls' houses this week, and Sammy never got to go, so we had a little date one morning. We went to Oak Park to my favorite toy store to buy Cecilia a birthday present, and then headed next door to Tasty Dog where we even got to eat outside.
There was one moment where I was ordering our cheeseburgers and Sammy momentarily disappeared, but luckily a nice man yelled out "he's over here!" when he saw my desperate face. All-in-all, though, it was a good time. He likes getting all my attention, so he was pretty well behaved.
We went from there to a park, so he was in heaven. It's so funny how well-behaved he is when he's getting everything he wants! Haha.
Claire had some birthday money to blow, so we went to Target yesterday and she picked up Mousetrap, which we like. I was excited because my Nana had this game when I was little and I remember thinking it was so fun. Granted, we haven't played the game so much...we have just set up the marble run/trap and trapped the mouse 150 times. Sammy can't get enough of trapping the mouse.
We also got Yahtzee Jr and Hi-Ho-Cherry-O for $5/each. Sammy can even play the Cherry game, except he still has serious issues with losing. Like father, like son. :)
So, after a week of trying to be a nicer mom and avoiding all libations, Matt rewarded me with sushi while we watched The Office last night. Easter is almost here! Then I can go back to being regular. Just kidding!

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