Saturday, April 11, 2009

Weekend update

What we've been up to....

Cleaning the house for a showing. Ooooohhh...sparkly counters.
Big guy coached his basketball team with Breakthrough Urban Ministries. I like to call him "Coach" all day on Saturdays...I think he likes it too. :)
And Laquan showed up out of the blue! We haven't seen him in months and Sammy was so happy. He's Grandma Goldie's grandson, and they moved a while back, so we fed him everything we had in the house and then he shot nerf guns with Sammy in the basement for a long time.
He even took him to the playground while I cleaned the house for the showing!
Then, tonight, we headed to the Rainforest Cafe. We've never been there. It's one of those high-priced touristy places, but we got a coupon for a free kids dinner, so we thought "what the heck!" and tried it out.
Both kids got a huge kick out of it, and I actually got to eat my whole dinner because Sammy was so distracted with all the jungle stuff.
The birds and fish were a nice touch...
But this big scary gorilla that was sitting next to our table was a little too freaky. Every once in a while he would become animated and do a big loud tree-shaking oo-ooh-aa-aah thing. Sammy didn't like that at all. He kept looking at the thing and saying "I hate big stupid."
I ordered this giant steak and Matt got some combo plate thing. I ate my whole dinner (it was a big steak too) and I ate it so fast that I was holding my stomach all the way home. Seriously, I don't know what got into me.
We even got them to sing to Sammy (his birthday is in a few weeks, but he saw someone else get the birthday sunday and wanted the people to sing to him, so we went ahead!). Do you see me eatting his ice cream? Seriously!
He had been sitting on my lap (out of fear of the gorillas) but he moved to his own seat to get away from my advances on his sunday. He'll never get away!

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