Thursday, April 30, 2009

Lately we've been...

Lately I've been so up and down. The weather has a lot to do with it. Last week, it was beautiful, and when I dropped my kids off at school Thursday morning, I parked by Lake Michigan and ran from 31st street beach to the Planetarium. That was an accident. I didn't realize how far that was going to be and then there I was at the Planetarium way too exhausted to run back. I made it, but almost died. It was only 5 miles there and back, but to me that is about twice as far as I've ever run, so I felt it for a few days.
 But that's what beautiful weather does to people here in makes us happy optimistic people who think we can do things. If the sun peeks out, we think we live in the best city ever and don't know why we'd ever leave.
 However, on the dreary days, (like today) we wonder why in heck we don't pack up and move south.
Sammy doesn't seem to have weather issues. He'll go out no matter what the weather. However, he has to talk mom and big sister into going out with him, so he doesn't get out as much as he'd like. He stays busy though. For instance, yesterday, he used his new birthday tools to build a firetruck.
Okay, I helped a little, but it was at 6:15am and he was dying to make something with his "big boy tools" so we drilled a few holes into the bottom of his only board and attached some craft stuff to it. The back circles are little knobs that resemble wheels, but the front ones are just wooden beads that we had.
He didn't care. Claire wanted him to make it into a school bus, but he had his heart set on a fire truck, so that's what it was.
It is hilarious looking. Just a board with wheels, but then he decided that it needed to be painted, so we got out the red paint and he went to town on it.
Then he said: "now you paint some stuff on it like a ladder and hose and windows and some firemen." I did my best...I did my best. But I didn't do firemen because after he saw my attempt at a hose he said "THAT'S not a hose!" so I quit. I figured if I can't paint a hose, I better not try to paint a man wearing a firemen's uniform.
So here it is in all it's glory. A big board with wheels, but he's pretty happy about it. I should set up a little etsy shop for him and sell his stuff. I think it'd make a few bucks, don't you? Haha.

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