Monday, April 13, 2009

Cause you had a bad day...

Monday. Blech. I really wanted to have a good attitude today. I tried. Ask my husband. I was very kind to him this morning. We snuggled; I made breakfast; I took him to work. I was ready to jump into the day. I was dressed and ready for the day (and had the kids ready) before breakfast. But I swear the Devil saw my intentions....and he apparently decided to possess my children.
Don't get me wrong. There were good moments. I did a little science with Claire from our cute 1960's science book.
We learned about insect parts and life stages, and she thought that was fun. But that was it, pretty much, in terms of productivity. Absolutely every other attempt to keep them from killing each other failed.
The weather is horrible outside. Freezing, grey, and raining. So, there was no escape from the indoors. I'm seriously considering telling Matt that we have to move to Florida until Sammy has grown up. I hate all this indoors stuff with a little boy. The kids were mean to each other. I discplined. I tried to do fun activities. I even allowed a few more shows than normal, but despite my best efforts, every one seemed miserable all day and Sammy was a disaster of bad behavior.
And I'm so tired of all of it. I feel like I'm working and working to make life good/peaceful for these kids, and despite my efforts, there is always so much frustration!!! I just want hard work to pay off every once in a while.
And, we have the ongoing bird problem. My neighbor's house, which is about 2 feet away from mine, is about 100 years old and rotting out. About a dozen nasty, skanky pigeons live there, (in a rotted out gutter area) and they poop onto the sidewalk outside our door. Lovely.
I hate these birds. And I'm having a BAD day.
So, I'm buying this. Don't worry. It's just a BB gun. But I'm not screwing around anymore with the bird poop. We actually have to do the "bird poop" job around here regularly. Like, I have to say to Matt: "I'm going to unload the dishwasher...can you do the bird poop job?" As if that's just a normal part of the day! Not for long birds...not for long.
Honey, if I were you, I'd just stay at work late tonight. We aren't in good form here.


MA mom said...

Maybe the kids had so much activity over the weekend and maybe extra sugar...they need a day to recuperate...don't know what to say about the birds...that gutter is awful! Tomorrow will be better. Be patient, be patient, don't be in such a hurry....

mimi said...

Sammy is 3?? or is he older??? If I'm right....that was the age that almost knocked me out. It will get better, easier...all of those good words. My boys were so hard at 3, so hard!! I made so many parenting mistakes...still do...but somehow they are doing just fine:) Hang in there!!
I was just telling my girlfriend that I'm ready to move south!

On the Verge said...

Are those birds on fire? What is up with that picture?...
oh..and u with a bb gun is HILARIOUS.