Monday, April 6, 2009

Spring break resolutions

So, the kids are home all week because it's Spring Break here in Chicago. Granted, there is snow on the ground, but it's spring break nonetheless. We went to the gym this morning, which got us out of the house, but I am realizing that this could be a long week ahead with no planned activities and a freezing temperature outside. So, I've been pondering how I'm going to do better this week. Better as a woman period. I decided that I'm going to dedicate this week before Easter to work on switch things do thingsdifferently than I normally would. Maybe by the end of the week, I'll get used to being the better version of myself and all my problems will be solved!
#1 No yelling. Just never. Sammy does so many pesky things that I just always resort to yelling at some point in the day. I justify it and justify it, but at the end of the's just wrong. And then Claire and Matt have to listen to it too and that's not nice.
#2 I'm going to get up and put on REAL clothes in the morning, even if we don't have a big plan for the day. No hanging out in my gym clothes all day. There is no reason I can't put on something attractive and make myself look like an actual woman every once in a while...I'm sure my husband wouldn't mind it either.
#3 I'm going to start planning stuff. You know: Claire's homeschool schedule (at least roughly), birthday present ideas, maybe a weekly menu for dinners, grocery lists, the works! There is no reason that I should push a cart around the grocery store wondering what I'll make for dinner and waiting for something to jump off the shelf and surprise me.
#4 No wine. Just for the week that is. Don't get me wrong: I am NOT against wine, but cocktail hour and I have possibly become too friendly as of late, and although I don't think a little wine around dinner time is bad...I feel like I just need to maybe not make it part of my daily, daily life. I'm so prone to anxiety anyway, that lately, with all our stresses, I want to make sure I'm taking care of myself and praying about things rather than, well, escaping.
#5 I'm going to go to bed much earlier! We stay up too darn late and then I keep letting Matt get up with the kids. Now, I'm not against the daddy helping in the morning, but when I scrape out of bed and head to the coffee machine after the kids are up, I feel like I'm a few steps behind everyone in starting our day.
#6 I'm going to read my Bible more. Having grown up in the church, I sometimes think that I already have a grasp on Scripture and tend to forget how little I really KNOW my Bible. Maybe reading about things like patience, kindness, and goodness on a daily basis will help me with resolution #1, right!? And with Easter coming up, this is a good time to consider what God has done for me...and for my family.
So, we'll see. Maybe I'll be a new woman by Easter! Anxiety-free and a little more pleasant to be around! Okay, it's probably going to take longer than a week, but you gotta start somewhere, right?


On the Verge said...

lol no wine for a week?...

ohio12 said...

hey, On the Verge... how about a little more support next time?

mimi said...

Each one of those are great ideas. It's funny about the wine thing, this month 2 friends have said the same thing(and me too). Other than once at dinner with friends, I have not had a glass since that awful Fri night thing 2 weeks ago. Replace it with tea instead! Must be something in the air??

I'm sitting here in my pajamas....gym clothes would be a step up!