Tuesday, February 24, 2009

A sleepover

Guess who is coming to stay with us for a night......

Untitled from Susan Harris on Vimeo.

Cecilia, Claire's teacher's daughter, and the love of Sammy's life, is coming to stay the night with us on Thursday. Her parent's are taking a one-night mini-vacation, so we get her for 24 hours!

If you've watched that video and missed it, you really have to watch Sammy. He does these funny little faces and moves in the first few seconds of his dancing....I think he made up those moves for Cecilia because I've never seen them before!


ohio12 said...

I think I have seen those moves before. he looks exactly like Matt when he dances!

mimi said...

That is really cute.
Every time I play songs for my boys...they usually stop mid song too. We have that going on with the song September(Earth Wind and Fire). They have to play the horn part over and over.