Monday, February 9, 2009

An etsy shop for Mr Tad

So, I'm sorta obsessed with people who can do things and create things because although I can appreciate finely crafted things, I've never really learned HOW to finely craft anything. I also have realized that I don't have a lot of patience for tiny things. I bought a sewing machine once, and sold it a year later rather than figure out how to fix the tension setting. I bought a knitting book and knit about 30 rows that would make a washcloth, but I'm too impatient to stare at that book any longer and try to figure out how to get it off the needles now, so it just sits there in a basket...unfinished. Remember that personality test thing I took about starting things and not neccessarily finishing them? I think that's why I'm fascinated with people who finish things and finish them well.
And that is why I present Mr Tad. Tad is the loving husband of our teacher Mary Cowen.  She is pregnant and also has a little girl named Cecilia, (the one Sammy likes). Well, Tad has this woodshop in his garage and he makes stuff. I don't even have pictures of some of his coolest stuff because he gave much of it away as Christmas presents. But I've so liked his stuff that I insisted that he let me open an Etsy shop for him (since they don't own a computer...or I'd obviously suggest he do it himself).  Now, this is a nice idea, except that I have no idea about opening an Etsy shop. Does anyone have a clue about that?
He makes coat racks out of random recycled/repurposed wood and little tree stumps.
Here's the bigger one. He even gave me one, which I hung down low so that my kids would stop throwing their coats on the floor when they come in the house.
This is, well, a stick/sculpture thing. Some of this stuff you have to see up close, or in context, but it's very cool and swirly and shiny and smooth.
Here's another of the same kind of thing, except he has a whole walking stick set too, which you'll see in a minute. So this may be one of those.
This is just an old classroom school chair, but he does a lot of refinishing old stuff. I want this chair for Claire for homeschooling next year!
This is a cherry wood bookcase he built Ms Cowen. I'm probably not suppoed to sell this, I guess.
Here's a table he made out of an old door and cross-sections of a tree trunk.
See the tree stumps?
He made Cecilia a costume closet out of an old door jam. I like that. I also like that although Ms Cowen is our Waldorf teacher, she also has tacky princess dress up clothes and plastic high heels for her daughter. Not just flower fairy nymph costumes. Yay! She's normal afterall.
I guess he didn't exactly MAKE this, but it's an old cabinet that was in a fire, but it looks cool on the wall, doesn't it?
A frame he made, with their daughter's picture.
And this is my favorite thing he makes. He takes these twisted branches and carves them down into these chandelier looking things which you can hang over your table or something. I want one of those.
And here are his walking sticks. They are very medicine-man looking I think.
He wrote this on the back of the coat rack he gave to me. I think it's a perfect Etsy name, don't you think? I didn't get it, at first, but then I was like " a COW in the WOODS!" Haha. Anyway, cool stuff, right? I wish I could make cool stuff.

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