Wednesday, February 18, 2009

If it be your will Lord

That's the attitude I'm trying to have anyway. We haven't heard, yet, about the foreclosure house we put an offer on, (and yes, I know I ended that sentence with a preposition. How about..."we haven't heard about the foreclosure house on which we put an offer"). Anywho...we're waiting. I HATE waiting. I hate waiting for anything. Right now I'm taping LOST because Matt's at Awana with Claire and we are going to watch it later, and even waiting the 15 minutes is killing me. Patience is not one of my virtues.
So, just to appease me, my friend Bridget, who is also my realtor, took me back over to the house to take pictures of it. I hadn't seen it since early November, and was forgetting the layout and the pros and cons, so I needed a refresher.
So, here is the tour. As you walk into the front door, you see this stair case. To the left is the main living room, but it now has a big wall in front of it because the house is temporarily a two-flat, meaning that it is separated into two separate apartments. That wall, to the left, will either come down entirely, or have a big archway cut into it at least, depending on how much supporting it is doing.
After you walk into that brown door, you see this straight ahead of you. This is the kitchen, behind it is a tiny eat-in dining area, and behind that is...
this full bathroom. The grout has issues, but nothing a little elbow grease, (or the handyman from our old condo building) can't fix!
To the left of the little blue dining area is a tiny dowstairs bedroom, which would end up being an office. It's in the back left corner of the house and there is a back door in this room which leads out to the back yard.
To the left of the big white wall that you saw walking in is this living room. It has a decent amount of light and will have more of it when we take that wall down. It also has...
this decorative fireplace, which the current tenants decided was the perfect place for their stereo.
This is upstairs in the master bedroom. It looks out the front and goes the whole width of the house, (which of course is not sooo wide or anything, but it's not a tiny space...for us anyway).
And here is the dirty tiny little SECOND kitchen which would of course have to be ripped out upstairs. The wall between this room and the little bedroom between it would also be taken down and it would end up being one "big" room. Nothing here is huge, thus the quotation marks.
Here is the view looking north off the back deck. Nothing incredible, but the actual deck is in good shape.
Here is the backyard. There are raised planters and a nice stone walkway which is kinda pretty, I think.
Here is the veiw from the garage back to the house. Again, we're talking a city house here...this is no sprawling country house. But to me it's huge!
And there is a walkout basement. It's not a finished basement, but there is currently a cute little hispanic man renting it out. I know this because he had no idea what we were saying when we knocked on the door and tried to explain that I was looking at the house to buy it. But even though we could not speak the same language, he eventually very kindly let us walk in and check out his tiny basement apartment. I thought that was very nice of him.
So that's it. And I know to many it's not something incredible, but to me it would be such a fun project and my first actual "home". We've had two condos and rented an apartment, but we'd love our own little front porch to put a pumpkin on in October and a tiny backyard to send the kids into, even if it's only brick pavers. I'll take it. Now if only it all worked out in the end. We'll see...


ohio12 said...

I can see why you like it so much. I think you could make it really beautiful. I can't believe how you have to wait so long to see what is going to happen! That part stinks.

mimi said...

I think it's incredible. Such potential as well. My husband, especially, would go crazy over it. I love the deck and backyard.

MA mom said...

I'm sure you'll have it looking great in no time. I've been looking forward to seeing what your new home looks like.