Saturday, February 14, 2009

But I still love technology...always and forever

If you've seen Napoleon Dynamite, then the above title will mean something to you. But if not, don't worry, because in a minute you'll be distracted by the hilariousness of the Valentine's Day E-card my father sent to my 3 year old. Oh are such a hoot:

Yes, this Valentines Day was about technology for us.....the old and the new.

For starters, we got cable. Now, I have officially lived for 29.5 years of life without cable. That's a lot of years of bunny ears, but honestly I just didn't know the difference. Sometimes I wished I had it, but I've never watched that much TV anyway, so I didn't really mind. But then, I got another life technology upgrade: a laptop, and then things just started snowballing from there. Matt works from home two days a week which means he's on our desktop all day, so I begged and begged and threatened and he finally got me a laptop. NOW, we had the choice of getting cable or just a regular wireless router, and in the end we chose cable since our TV was going to end up obsolete pretty soon anyway if we didn't get some kind of HD box to upgrade it before the "big switch" happens in TV land. So, anyway, in one weekend, I got a laptop (complete with internet access) and cable TV (including "on demand"). Wow. This for a girl who hauled a 25 lb Brother word processor around in college.

But with the new came something old as well. I just received, in the mail today, the CD-version of an old 1970's record that I grew up with. I found it online because I remembered listening to this record when I was a kid and wanted it for my own kids. So, now I'm the owner of "Evie: A Little Song of Joy for my Little Friends". The instrumental intro to the first song alone blasted me back to being a child. Claire already loves it. It's very sweet. We love the Tree Song. But it's seriously 70's.

And even MORE technology was to be had by my big girl when we found this sweet watch (with interchangeable wrist bands) at a rummage sale yesterday. She's just learning to tell time, so she thinks she's pretty big stuff with this if I only knew where to get a new battery.

Things are all getting a little too spacey around here for me. All the technology is tripping me out! [Drawing by Claire at a Valentines day party's a baby alien if you couldn't tell]. Now, if you excuse me, I have to go watch HGTV...because now I can.

Happy Valentines Day all!


ohio12 said...

i saw a tree by the riverside
one day as i walked along
straight as an arrow
and pointing to the sky
growing tall and strong.

how do you grow so tall and strong?
I said to my riverside friend
and this is the song that my tree friend sang to me

I've got roots growing down to the waters
I've got leaves growing up to the sunshine
And the fruit that I bare is a sign of liiiiife in meeee.

also..I think I am the last person on earth without cable

and you can get a watch battery at JC Penney. Do they have that in the big city? (Ben says also Walgreens)

mimi said...

AWWWWW, lucky! You get HGTV!

I'm right there with ohio12--no cable over here(but we do get about 14 channels) I actually don't think I have the discipline for cable. Such fun shows.


Anonymous said...

Apparently Evie is required listening for all good Presbyterian children everywhere-at least it was in the 70s.