Sunday, February 8, 2009

A Waldorf Birthday party

Well, it's been "that kind" of week. Busy, crazy, with a little vomiting and fever thrown in. But, we've done a lot! A little barf never slows down the Harris least not for long. For instance, last Sunday (pre-any barf) we went to sweet Nora's birthday party. She's from Claire's little Waldorf Kindergarten, and her parent's are great.
The daddy is the stay-at-home dad, and the mom teaches special-ed at a local high school. She's a definite bra-burning feminist, complete with a bra-burning feminist book club, but yet she also believes you should nurse your children until they're darn-well ready to stop and she is against all forms of materialism...and shampoo... so they're just an interesting couple to talk to. The daddy also lends us tools because he's a major fix-it guy, so we appreciate him a lot. He can also talk your ear off, which I appreciate in a man because so many men I know aren't big talkers...especially to other know? Anyway, we love them.
This is the birthday girl. Isn't she a cutey?
The kids spent most of the afternoon outside playing in the snow. There was a great little club house/fairy fort....
a bonfire, some swings, mud, snow ball fights, and various dogs.
The birthday girl wore these great pink cow-girl boots!
They did some [very open-ended] crafts, assisted by lots of nice mommies (most of whom happened to be mid-wives, by the way. But that's another story).
The teacher even came. We love her! (And we love her daughter, Cecilia, too, of course).
Little Nora blew out her 5 candles.
And then the kids spent the rest of the time jumping from the parent's dresser on to their bed...
...and hiding in their closet. Alright, so these people are completely different than me in most ways. But I have to admit that their birthday parties are a much bigger hit than mine. I mean, how could I ever top jumping from the furniture to the bed? And the adults have it so easy at a party like this too: no games to referee or pinatas to break open...just kids running wild doing what kids want to do, while we eat food and drink wine, (out of jelly jars of course, because they are serious recyclers at this house). Never a dull moment here on the west side of Chicago!

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mimi said...

Sounds like a fun party. I love being around people who feel comfortable just being themselves-and let you be yourself too. The non-judgemental crowd, now that's fun!