Monday, December 8, 2008

When the cat's away...

Matt's away this week so I declared that we were eatting whatever we wanted for dinner. That doesn't really mean "anything we wanted" but it meant we were eatting kid foods. I tried to get at least a few of the food groups in there, but the kids thought it was lots of fun. And especially since evening is usually their time with Matt, they needed something a little different to get their mind off of his absence.

So we ate Cheerios (isn't Sammy's mouth funny in this picture? It reminds me of Claire's baby dolls that come with pre-formed open mouths to fit a bottle or pacifier. Haha).

And bagels with cream cheese (alright, I happened to have a thing of that smoked salmon so I got to have a pretty good dinner afterall, but the kids passed on the fish). I guess bagels with cream cheese and cheerios with milk only covers dairy and carb groups, but then I added our favorite other food:

BACON! You gotta love bacon.

And the only other food group that we had forgotten at this point was, I'm pretty sure, the marshmallow group, so we all had a few spoons of the fluffy stuff for dessert.

And then, just to be a nice mom (and to buy myself a few moments of peace) I built them a wicked good fort...complete with the extra Christmas lights. They did this until 9, which is waaaaaaay past their bedtime around here, but it was going so well, so I let them be. Sammy has been getting up and down out of bed until nine anyway, so I figured they may as well play instead.

Now, if daddy was here, he would have been the bear that crawled around the fort scaring them, and then Sammy would have had 10 sword fights with him, but that's daddy...not me. Mommy is the one who allows marshmallow creme spoons for dessert.

Oh, and honey, if you are reading this, I locked myself out of the house this morning, but don't worry: the handyman from our old condo building came over and broke into the house for me. And I joined a gym! But don't worry, it's all good. We may have a broken door and no money left when you get home, but I'll be working on getting a hot body! Well, at this point it will probably just be working off the bacon and marshmallow calories, but I know the important thing to you is just that we are all safe and sound...right? Right?!

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ohio12 said...

I have not made bacon since we moved to this house before Ellie was born. It is just too messy and a pita! I got it on vacation once and Ellie wanted to "try" it. I think I might have to go to TJs and get some of that salmon. yummy yummy.