Sunday, December 21, 2008

Fairy boys

Some may remember Claire's fairy costume from Halloween. Well, lately it has been resurected during playdates. One day, last week, when Claire's teacher and I were stuck working at the Holiday Fair at school all day, Matt took our kids and the teacher's daughter, Cecilia, home for the afternoon to play at our house.

Claire and Cecilia were excited to dress up as fairies together, and, not wanting to be left out...

Sammy joined in too. This is him sporting Claire's old gymnastics leotard with black tights. The tights have a huge run in them and they were put on OVER the leotard. I tried to give him a little dignity by putting on his red cape and saying he was sorta a super-hero fairy, but he tore it off saying "NO, mom, I'm a GIRL fairy!" I wish I had a good picture of Matt's face when that was proclaimed. I just had to keep saying to Matt: "if you act upset, he's just going to start obsessing about it. Act like it's perfectly normal and he'll be back to football in a few days."

However, there was a huge fight over these blue slippers because Sammy really wanted GIRL shoes for his fairy costume.

Here are my little fairies together. It gave me an oddly happy moment because they were playing together so nicely while this game carried on. It made me jealous of moms who have two girls or two boys that can play the same games together all the time.
Of course, he realized how annoying leotards and tights can be when you have to suddenly go potty "really bad!". Because, at the end of the day, even fairies have to pee. But Sammy may be the only one who does it standing up.

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