Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Homeschooling, Claire style...

I have been blessed. I am not a good planner, despite my best intentions. In my head, it's all sorted out, but as life happens, I tend to let life happen rather than sticking to the plan.
So, at least with this first child, I feel God has given me some grace. He may be telling me to get my act together because the second child is going to be a lot harder to educate than the first; I'm not sure. But Claire has been so easy. She learned how to read very quickly, and right when I think I've let her brain go to mush by ignoring her all day while I chase her little brother, she'll come running out of her room to show me a story she wrote. I was just going to introduce to her the idea of keeping a journal so that she could practice her writing, but "just going to" hadn't happened yet. Her friend had given her a tiny sparkly notebook as a take-home gift from a birthday party, so she filled it with this story: (it has two chapters)
Chapter 1 - The Great King: Once there was a great king that loved His daughter and he was wanting gold.

Gold was the best thing to him because he was born in a palace filled with gold and his plans were not unbelievable. (She did ask me how to spell "unbelieveable")

Chapter 2 - The Fairy : Once there was a fairy that loved her name and her home also. Her home was called a flower and her furniture was leaves and her bed was a flower petal.

Then she had a few pages of illustrations that didn't exactly match the story, but the one on the left is supposed to be her building a snowman in the winter and on the right is her picking apples in the fall. She had a summer and spring page too.

Here is the cover of her first book. I think it's pretty darn precious.


ohio12 said...

Puffs! That is precious! We can't wait to see you.

Kindra said...

Hey Chicago Mom (not sure if you use your real name here)!

I saw that you had a blog on FB (I clicked on your profile to see your new profile picture -- your kids are so cute!) -- so I had to check it out. I'm very impressed with Claire! What a smarty.

Heidi said...

What fun! I'm impressed with her writing. You just might have a little author on your hands...