Saturday, December 6, 2008

The big day...American Girl!

So, today was our big day. Claire and I went with our friends Annabel and Bridget (the mom) to the American Girl Doll store here in Chicago and had lunch. We went to the 11am seating, which was a little early for my taste, but it was fun enough. I mean, it was a huge store crammed with people so for me it was so-so, but I think Claire liked it!

Here she is outside right after Matt and Sammy dropped us off. They headed out to the sled hill because Sammy was really sad that he couldn't come with us, (he's also really into the Madeline shows lately, but that's a later topic). Someone gave us this coat and it was the perfect time for her to wear it. I think she looked like a little Samantha doll herself. You may also notice in the above photo her doll Josefina's "before" hair. We'll show you the "after" momentarily.

We went immediately to the doll hair salon because we were hoping to get Josefina's rat's nest smoothed out before lunch, but, alas, they said it would take about an hour and a half before she'd be ready. The good news was that they will give you a loaner Josefina to take with you to lunch and then they'll deliver your doll when she's done in the salon. These people think of everything! As my friend Bridget said "you wouldn't know the economy was a disaster if you worked at the American Girl Doll store." They know how to charge you for everything! But we got our American Girl doll as a hand-me-down, so I decided the $20 for fixing her hair saved me from buying a new doll for $100.

Lunch was cute. The mommies had quiche and the girls had what they call the "American girl picnic" which was a mini-hamburger, a mini-hotdog, and a mini-maccaroni-and-cheese. They were both full after the cheese puff appetizer though, so they hardly ate....until dessert of course. Dessert was a tiny heart shaped cupcake, a candy-cane shaped cookie, and chocolate mouse that came in a tiny flower pot with a daisy in it. Very cute, again. The dolls got special little seats at the table as well.

And Josefina was delivered, as promised, at the end of our meal and she was in much better shape.

Here they are outside of the store waiting for the daddies to pick us up. Bridget was inside returning a dress for which they accidentally charged her double. I guess it's good we went, but I'm not in a hurry to get back. I grabbed Josefina's summer outfit and a fancy Felicity dress for Claire for Christmas on the way out. Now, I need a nap. No more Michigan Avenue this year.

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